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Strix: Left for Dead

Strix: Left for Dead

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Dalilah By loveNERD Updated Mar 17, 2011

A new drug named Strix made to help the adaptaion process in humans, did its job a little too well though. What the world didn't know about the new drug was the new virus inside, this virus targets the blood of any infected making it hader for people infected to make enough blood cells that the body needs. With the sped up adaptaion process, people infected have now discovered how to get their necessary blood by drinking from the uninfected until they are drained dry. I'm Sophie, I've lived my entire life in fear of these infected people, but when I am captured by one, what am i suppose to do?

vanillasalt vanillasalt Sep 01, 2011
Aha. The mystery of the origin of vampires is now made clear to me. :D i like the idea of the drug, really creative! ^^ I'm not being sarcastic. i swear.
loveNERD loveNERD Mar 27, 2011
@rachelhuntreads really what one? i hope i didn't make it sound to much like it =/ lolz
rachelhuntreads rachelhuntreads Mar 27, 2011
this is really good, reminds me of that film with Will Smith.