Revolution || Lashton AU - boyxboy

Revolution || Lashton AU - boyxboy

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***honestly please dont read this. this is the cringiest thing ive ever written and i mean that. i was 14. im 17 now. READ THE REWRITE PLEASE

Ashton is big on the punk scene and Luke just doesn't get it. Ashton hates Luke, Luke hates Ashton, but they're both too self-important for their own good. 


CalIsNotAsian CalIsNotAsian Aug 02, 2016
Omg I'm so excited to read this! People have been telling me to read this fanfic bc it's the best
Evularis Evularis Nov 13, 2016
Thanks for this, now I'm questioning if everything's worth it...
spacedoutskywalker spacedoutskywalker Apr 09, 2016
This is like my 3rd or 4th time reading it, first 2 times a couple parts made me so emo I swear you're an amazingly talented writer
XItsTheEndX XItsTheEndX Aug 18, 2016
....I can relate to this. My dean told me to take out my plugs and I told her to use them as a butt plug resulting in a few after school detentions but it was funny AF so I don't care... I didn't go to detention anyway...
maliksuns maliksuns Sep 20, 2015
you give yourself no credit, dear god. you're honestly such a talented writer. this isn't a book. this is my 7th time reading it. you are an incredibly talented and blessed writer. this is one of my favorite fanfics ever.
Calum_is_a_chong Calum_is_a_chong Jul 03, 2015
Lucas do you have a brain how did you get into fücking college kid