Mortals meet Percabeth

Mortals meet Percabeth

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Zippora Hagrid-Black By BootsBlack Updated Jun 29, 2014

This takes place a few years after the giant war and other times in Percabeth history from the Titan's war to high school,to after the giant war and so on so many years of Percabeth.

I suck at descriptions just read it I promise you'll like it.

P.S I don't own any PJO or HoO characters they belong to Rick Riordon I only own some of the mortals names.

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see I don't imagine percy calling her 'babe' So i replaced it with wise girl or wisy
Cece8804 Cece8804 Jul 08
How stupid can this guy be she is clearly married once her name was Annabeth Chase now her name is Annabeth Chase-Jackson obvious explanation she's married
ImAnOstrich ImAnOstrich May 02, 2016
TaylorSwift0769 TaylorSwift0769 Aug 01, 2016
Ahh yes they classic mistake, someone comes back and there name has changed (i am there friend and know that her parents havent chnged) and it dosnt even cross my mind that she could be married WHAT THE ACTUAL HELL
Meowki123 Meowki123 Apr 05, 2016
Of course the girls would be glaring at Annabeth right now 😂