Is Love Real or Is It Just a Fluke(Gaara love story)

Is Love Real or Is It Just a Fluke(Gaara love story)

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Name: Blood Mysty

Age: 12

Height/weight: Sakura's height, 120 lb

Eyes: teal

Hair: long bloody red hair that touches hips

Likes: Gaara, Naruto and the color red

Abilities: knows every justsu because she has been to every village and has ben trained well in a very short time. and an unknown power inside which i shall not reveal until the time comes.

Hobbies: hidding, and hanging out with, Naruto or Gaara

Life: Blood is a sweet girl who learned very quickly at every thing. She is the missing daughter thought to be dead along with the Village Hidden in the Bloody Mist with the Mysty clan. She came into the Sand Village and was picked on because she has cat ears and tail. But when she met Gaara everything changed forever.


ever since my village was assasinated and i escaped in time i was never the same. i went to every village and learned every justu very fast than left. the only villages i havent ...

princessanastasia721 princessanastasia721 Mar 26, 2017
Oh so she is from the hidden mist since it's known as that from the yondaime kages rule
Franceneedsmorewine Franceneedsmorewine May 20, 2017
It's obviously kunkuro , XD that moment when you're too lazy to spell out kakuro-Kun so you change his name 👌🏻
Miaya_Gekkohara108 Miaya_Gekkohara108 Sep 21, 2017
demongodess640 demongodess640 Nov 23, 2017
It may be a mary sue but please people just try and read the story. If the OC has been OP-fied then there may be some explanation to it. So just read the story to understand more about it. Not jut read the first part and say 'OP OP OP!'.
heranizemene heranizemene 2 days ago
Gaarass siblings hate him at this time they star to like him during the Chunnin exams
makgeollii makgeollii Feb 09, 2017
I swear to fudge if she's from a village called blood mist im gonna-
                              *scrolls down*
                              FUDGING HEK