A Serious Stony Bromance (Steve x Tony)

A Serious Stony Bromance (Steve x Tony)

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Tony woke up to the smell of eggs and bacon.

"Pepper!" Tony got out of bed, and walked downstairs, not bothering to put on pants or a shirt. "You're not Pepper."

"Hey Tony." It was Steve.

"What are you doing here?" Tony sat down at the table.

Steve rolled his eyes. "Don't you have any pants?"

"Good morning to you too Cap." Tony grabbed a plate from the table.

"I take it that you're hungry?" Steve put the eggs on the table.


Steve smiled. "Good, can you go put some pants on please."

"No," Tony put eggs on his fork. "Its my house."

Imcompletelyinnocent Imcompletelyinnocent Sep 18, 2017
*currently recovering from mini heart attack and overexposure to cuteness*
Until Steve became ur soulmate looking like a fine ass motherfucker
LittleRedd0 LittleRedd0 Sep 23, 2016
10 sentences :0 this is the cutest yet shortest chapter I have ever seen.
CasTheFriendlyAngel CasTheFriendlyAngel Nov 16, 2015
Oooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Tony! U want to see Cap naked! *sighs* I need help.