I'm Gay, He's Straight -SERIES- [boyxboy]

I'm Gay, He's Straight -SERIES- [boyxboy]

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The two books in the I'm Gay, He's Straight series:

-I'm Gay, He's Straight. 
-Kiss Me Like You Did. 

See inside for full blurbs :)

laDDyOpiA laDDyOpiA Dec 21, 2016
Ahh...i see. Well i guess i must prepare for what's bound to happen, give me a sec.
                              *leave and returns with weaponry scroll*
                              Perfect, im ready. Let the show begin.
Musical_L0ver Musical_L0ver Oct 10, 2016
I'll let you guys know now, Jenny is all kinds of messed up. To the point of it being straight up wrong and frankly quite gross... *shivers at memory*
DeathIsOnHerLips DeathIsOnHerLips Jul 27, 2016
The book hasn't even started yet and I already want his girlfriend dead.
JackieAppling JackieAppling 4 days ago
So let me get this straight, gay best friend loves his straight best friend, who is now gay and in love his with straight best friend who is really gay...okay got it...@@ *Roll eyes*..
RoseMerant RoseMerant Oct 26, 2016
when you skip the first sentence and think the main characters are already 30......
itsdestielbitch itsdestielbitch Dec 31, 2016
Oh I think he's going to be more than okay with the last part