kidnapped by the alpha

kidnapped by the alpha

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at the age of 14 years old Layla has had a pretty rough life. it was perfectly fine till her parents died in a car crash when she was 8 and she had to move into her aunt's house whom hated her guts. Layla never understood why her aunt hated her so much but she got used to it. not only does Layla have to deal with bullying at home she also has to deal with it at school.she returns home every night with a new bruise. 

18 year old Cole has just moved into town with his pack due to the treaty with the vampires. Cole is a guy that won't tolerate shit especially if its against a pack member or family. he will always do what he believes is right. when he arrives in town he immediately gets the role as the bad ass. he is the alpha of the black sun pack. as a young pup Cole was always in control and was never told no.

so what happens when Cole and Layla meet? will they fall in love? will Layla accept her role? or will Cole be a total jerk and reject her? 

QueenofSarcasm05 QueenofSarcasm05 Aug 21, 2017
What my mom and dad want to know if I made a new friend 😂
Sudoku411 Sudoku411 Dec 31, 2017
Loving it so far 🙃🙃, have a feeling things are about to get gooood ❤️
Sudoku411 Sudoku411 Dec 31, 2017
Wait if laylas eighteen and has all the same classes as crysie, how is cryssie in junior high?
Nini287 Nini287 Dec 24, 2017
I believe this story is very good, I just believe it can use some more detail and take things slower.  Like a school slit wouldn't go down without scratching her pink claws into someone's chest or face.  Ya know?
kjesse_is_me kjesse_is_me Jul 09, 2016
Hey my name ia kimberly and i am not a slut but so far so good
lonewolf7215 lonewolf7215 Mar 16, 2016
I love the story, However you do have some capitalization errors. If you reread you should find them. Otherwise I have absolutely no complaints.