Tratie One-Shots

Tratie One-Shots

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Kawaii_Badass By Kawaii_Badass Updated Jul 09, 2014


I don't own Travis Stoll, Katie Gardner, or Conner Stoll. I only own Elizabeth and Abbey. Enjoy!


Third Person POV

Travis and Conner Stoll walked through the double doors into the hell hole- I mean high school-  where they would be spending the year. Many girls were flashing flirtatious smiles at them, but Travis was oblivious to them. He was scanning the crowd for the dark brown hair and spring green eyes of Katie Gardner.

They got to their lockers and were putting their stuff away when a girl walked up to them. Her pink shorts were unbelievably short and her sparkly tank top showed way too much cleavage than should be allowed in a school.

"Hey hottie. You must be new. I'm Elizabeth, but everyone calls me Lizzie." she said batting her obviously fake eyelashes.

"Um...Hi? I'm Travis and this is my brother Conner." Travis said, getting uncomfortable with how close Elizabeth was getting.

Just then, Katie Gardner walked up with her best mo...

    livsm0x livsm0x Jul 02
    Nico is GAYYYYY. Thalia is a HUNTERRRR. This is ILLEGALLLLLL
    When PJO fans watch Moana:
                                  And everyone cringes at Maui the demigod, thinking that Zeus and Posiedon made a baby...
    PiperGlenwood PiperGlenwood Dec 29, 2016
    This is wrong! Nico is older (although shorter than Thalia) and he's also gay! Hello? Solangelo? And Thalia's a Hunter! She swore off men for the rest of her life! No. Just no.
    My frienemy once said; Go to hell.
                                  When I made a pun, we were at school and I smirked evilly and said; I'm already here. 
                                  And just walked away.
    pleaseCallMeMae pleaseCallMeMae Sep 11, 2016
    Nico is technically like 83, Thalia's a hunter, he's way shooter than her, Nico is gay.
    fanvergent1202 fanvergent1202 Aug 02, 2016
    Ones a hunter, the others gay. No thank you. SOLANGELO FOREVER