Tratie One-Shots

Tratie One-Shots

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I don't own Travis Stoll, Katie Gardner, or Conner Stoll. I only own Elizabeth and Abbey. Enjoy!


Third Person POV

Travis and Conner Stoll walked through the double doors into the hell hole- I mean high school-  where they would be spending the year. Many girls were flashing flirtatious smiles at them, but Travis was oblivious to them. He was scanning the crowd for the dark brown hair and spring green eyes of Katie Gardner.

They got to their lockers and were putting their stuff away when a girl walked up to them. Her pink shorts were unbelievably short and her sparkly tank top showed way too much cleavage than should be allowed in a school.

"Hey hottie. You must be new. I'm Elizabeth, but everyone calls me Lizzie." she said batting her obviously fake eyelashes.

"Um...Hi? I'm Travis and this is my brother Conner." Travis said, getting uncomfortable with how close Elizabeth was getting.

Just then, Katie Gardner walked up with her best mo...

livsm0x livsm0x Jul 02, 2017
read-read-the-books read-read-the-books Oct 15, 2017
This is related to water......I think somebody has been spending to much time with a certain Son of Poseidon
Huntress_Pheonix Huntress_Pheonix Jan 28, 2017
When PJO fans watch Moana:
                              And everyone cringes at Maui the demigod, thinking that Zeus and Posiedon made a baby...
Arwen_Summer Arwen_Summer Feb 21, 2017
My frienemy once said; Go to hell.
                              When I made a pun, we were at school and I smirked evilly and said; I'm already here. 
                              And just walked away.
Huntress_Pheonix Huntress_Pheonix Jan 28, 2017
Nopenopenopenopedynope WILL AND NICO HAVE LIKE A 50 YEAR AGE GAP!!!! SAME FOR NICO AND THALIA!!!!! JUST! NO!!!!!!!
Huntress_Pheonix Huntress_Pheonix Feb 03, 2017
Im just imagining Travis suddenly bursting in to the cabin yelling "I HEARD KATIE KAT WAS CRYING!!!!" Then everyone would have to pull him away from Daron to avoid getting Daron killed.