Catch Me If I Fall

Catch Me If I Fall

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Hmm... guess :P By RaindropsOfKiri Updated Aug 04, 2013

"I am a really terrible catch..."

Ruben doesn't know why he started baseball. He can't catch at all, the small ball slips right out of his fingers. 

Raina doesn't know why she bothers to be around people. The friends she can make slip right out of her hands, disappearing as if they were never there in the first place, all because of her strange compatibility with weather.

Together, they dive into their wondrous world of magic and love, tumbling over and around until reality smacks into them, like a forceful train. How will they handle their fates, their losses, their gains? Why did Ruben even want to get caught up in all this? And, most importantly... Why did Raina let him?

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  • mason
  • raina
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  • sorceress
  • teenage
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