Under The Bad Boy's Spell....

Under The Bad Boy's Spell....

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BadBoysPrincess By BadBoysPrincess Updated Nov 27

I was sitting in his lap and I tried to look everywhere but at him because of the fact I was  straddling him.
"You look way better in my clothes" Adam smirked at me.
"Stop enjoying this too much" I slapped him hard on his shoulders
"Feisty, I like it"
 He looked pretty hilarious in my crop top, his chest looked like it would rip it. 

Do remember reading fairytales when you were younger about the magic of wizards. But they never existed right? What if I told you they did. 

Selena is clumsy and always gets good grades. Selena lost her parents when she was 6 months but she has her 5 older brothers who are crazy, players, and part of a deadly gang.  She is content with her life, with her 4 best friends. 

In comes the 6 new kids. She gets along with all of them expect Adam.

Adam, devilishly handsome. He has all the girls worshipping the ground he walks on. His killer smile can make any girl fall for him. But he only has eyes for one girl.

But beside all those attributes he is a ruthless man who never gives second thought to a decision he makes. He gets what he wants. People around him fear him because his mood can switch in a blink of an eye. 

Selena see's him as a guy with bad anger issues, never comes to school if he does he is always late. He is always getting into fights and sleeps with the girls of the school. To Selena he is just another bad boy. 

But along the way he becomes more to her. He is full of secrets and she seems to be the answer to them. Both of them are two opposite people who come together despite all the ups and downs that come along the way. 

Join Selena on her journey filled with a sex tape, horrible boyfriend, new friends and lots of secrets....

sleepdrugs sleepdrugs Jul 24
Oooo I love the name Reece. If you ever need any advice or help with your story feel free to hmu, or even if you just need a friend!
i know this isnt relevent by since the girls name is selena it feels like im reading a book about me
CriticalEmo CriticalEmo Sep 02
I have 5 brothers to and two of them are twins!!!!!!!!!! But I'm not their clumsy sister O3O