The Other Forbes (Kol and Klaus Mikaelson fanfic)

The Other Forbes (Kol and Klaus Mikaelson fanfic)

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(Kind of season three but not following most of the actual plot)

Caroline Forbes loves her family, but none more than her sister Violet.

Sent away with her father when she was born, she now moves back to Mystic Falls where danger lurks around every corner.

Her arrival is taken in by a certain original who shines a liking over the new girl, despite her previous relationship with his 'annoying' younger brother.

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Anne_204 Anne_204 Aug 29
Pls be gf and bf be married have children and by lovy dovey
                              Sorry i had to 😂😂
Only Nick (aka my future boyfriend) says love. So it’s him
did you know that you shouldnt actually wear under wear to bed it can give tou a yeast infection or a bra because it makes your boobs sag
                              dont know why i said that but oh well the more you know
........ I kinda like my roots.  They are a dirty blonde and with the colors I have died my hair they look actually good.
Ikr, when I had faded pink hair it was so visible, 'cause my hair is dark blonde...
Tiffany_Selman12 Tiffany_Selman12 Nov 24, 2016
thats how you know the difference between Klaus and Kol because Klaue says Love and he says Darling