Mutual Love (Andrew Siwicki)

Mutual Love (Andrew Siwicki)

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Natalia Rowen is apart of Shane's squad. She's had a crush on Andrew Siwicki for the longest time but was always too scared to make any moves. Little did she know, he too was longing for her.


FAQ to all the new people: 

1) no, this is not the only andrew fanfic on wattpad. stop singling me out.

2) no, i don't know how this story has so many reads either.

3) no, im NOT garrett watts.

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rosegarden1011 rosegarden1011 4 days ago
Literally getting so many wrinkles from smiling so much and people are giving me weird looks cause I’m giggling uncontrollably 😂😂
dolan_tea dolan_tea 6 days ago
Omg I literally just spelled “Garrett” wrong and I’m a big fan of Shane, yup I’m done, bye ^^
cryinqstars cryinqstars Aug 05
Well, it's probably me. I thought about coming out of the closet, but nh
stilesthesaint stilesthesaint 6 days ago
this is literally andrew lmao he’s such a nervous rambler😂😂😂
machachu machachu 5 days ago
If Shane was the make a wish foundation- o geez let’s not think about that ok-
woofwoofhoe woofwoofhoe 4 days ago
please tell me I’m not the only one that actually heard his laugh