My Alter Ego (boyxboy)

My Alter Ego (boyxboy)

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P-R-O-L-O-G-U-E ***

I'm Jake, an average joe who lives peacefully in my very own world :p I never want to mingle with anyone, no gender bias. But, you know I'm still approachable *smile* I can say that I am "me" when I'm alone. I was knew for being by myself. But since my story was categorized in "Romance", of course, despite of being cynical about the world, I'm also capable of falling in love...

...I'll only fall in love to a girl who's so cute but sexy in shape. Until, this stupid cupid trudged along my way and hit me with his rainbow-colored arrow, so gay!, and my eyes assembled to his (Kevin) ,who made my story so interesting *smile* (twist of fate).

After a long year of bitterness I fell inlove with a stranger, with a "he"?!. This may be an issue but I had this thought in my mind after stupid cupid hit me, forget the colors, that;

"LOVE is acceptance; accept the person for who s/he is and everything follows..."

Is it vague? But it's simple and possible right? Well, I also de...

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johnandi johnandi Oct 22, 2015
Sorry but I read some grammatical errors, should've been fixed, . Anyways I'll still go through it, sinnce its boyxboy,
nyinyihaimi nyinyihaimi Nov 06, 2014
i'm just bothered po with the " i was knew" thing. i was known po dapat :)
Benbennica Benbennica Jun 05, 2013
@pitchblack Sge! Moral support! Hahaha :)) Message mku pag ayari muneee! :>
Benbennica Benbennica May 03, 2013
Uy James! Basan ke ing story mu. Agad meng aryan! Hahahaha :)
MiguelEnriqueDelPrad MiguelEnriqueDelPrad Feb 05, 2013
update please, im too excited for whats going to happen next :((
pitchblack pitchblack Oct 19, 2012
@Spideey alright. hehe. soon i'm still on it. balak ko kasi mag update (one time big time) ung marami akong maa update pra sa inyo. hehe. thanks sa support Spideey ♡