Prisoner of Glass

Prisoner of Glass

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Mark Jeffrey By MarkJeffrey Updated Apr 09, 2014

It starts with a kiss from the Dolphin Queen ... 

When the freakishly tall -- yet elegant -- Doctor Elspeth Lune is abducted from the airport, she awakens in the mysterious Glass Prison. 

Location: Unknown. Reason: Unknown. 

Odd things happen in this dark, circular facility - her severed pinkie grows back overnight and chess games end exactly the same way each time. To top it all off, Elspeth mysteriously finds herself assigned to cell block 1515: the exact same number as her ATM PIN and cell phone unlock code ... 

But when she encounters the Order of the Black Dove and the Vizier, an inmate with an inordinate amount of power, she finds that she must crack the mystery of the Prison with even more urgency. Who built this - the NSA? Al-Qaeda? The New World Order? And why is she - and everyone else - here? 

In the prison's central axis is the Panopticon, from within which the guards see all - and is undoubtedly where the answers lie ...

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