Thats Right, Im Blind.

Thats Right, Im Blind.

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ashylar By Axhyyy Updated Jan 07, 2015

Christina Frank, she's a lovable, kind hearted and the prettiest girl that any guy has seen. But she doesn't have a boyfriend before. Due to one problem that guys see in her, she's blind.  

Reece Tucker, the school's superstar. He's the well known striker in his football team and not to mention the captain as well. Oh almost forgot, he's the school player as well. (What do you expect. This guy LOVE the attention.) Nothing much to expect from him, as his life is kinda predictable.    

What will happen when two of them meet? Will they be friends? Enemies? Or Maybe lovers?

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kjsdream kjsdream Jun 13, 2017
Sounds interesting an new aproge to people with an handy cap! I expect a great story!
AshleyDee2003 AshleyDee2003 May 12, 2017
A potato flew around my room before you came excuse the mess it made
ShontelleiyaSherree ShontelleiyaSherree Jul 19, 2016
Wow this story sounds sooo interesting, love Shontelleiya xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
IFuxkedYoHoeBro_ IFuxkedYoHoeBro_ Dec 18, 2016
Pinkgirltomboy Pinkgirltomboy Dec 06, 2016
I was playing this song on soundcloud just to get the jist of things
ddkdkiekoekoeko ddkdkiekoekoeko May 21, 2016
Omg, I am in love with this story ( And it's like another version of "The Dead Of Me" it's a really good story)