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Love at Last Sight

Love at Last Sight

9M Reads 185K Votes 20 Part Story
Jordan Lynde By XxSkater2Girl16xX Completed

“Rose, I’m sorry, but your eyesight will be gone by the end of this year.”

Who knew one simple sentence could change a life so drastically? Rose is a normal seventeen year old girl with a normal life, normal friends, and what she thought to be normal vision. When she receives the news her vision is slowly deteriorating, she doesn't know what to think. Her life is over. What's a life without being able to see?

Enter Chace, a young man who tackled Rose to the ground, mistakingly thinking she was about to commit suicide. He's handsome, suave, and has no idea why Rose is so upset. And even though she is a complete stranger, he decides he wants to help her feel better.

With four months until her vision is gone forever, Rose slowly falls in love with this happy-go-lucky young man, but never reveals her problem to him. She's scared. Will he stay with her when he finds out she's going blind? Or will he ditch her when he finds out the truth?

LMFAO hahahaha I just peed my pants. Yep, that's how hard I'm gone rn 😂😂😂😇
I understand how she feels about her parents not understanding. I'm a type 1 diabetic and my mom always says she understands how I feel. But she doesn't take four shots a day or poke her fingers to know what its like.
I know. Boys always get nice eyelashes and they don't care about them, while girls have to struggle to get them perfect everyday
My birthday was on the first day of school in grade two. I cried
People do, but if you've had eyesight for a good 15-20 years, you start to take it for granted, and when it's gone you realize that you took it for granted.
                              Btw I'm ruining the perfect 100 comments.
Then she would've been an actual drowned raccoon or squirrel or whatever