A Change of Heart - A twilight story (Book one)

A Change of Heart - A twilight story (Book one)

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Charly By Zatanna135 Updated Jun 10, 2012

Her task is to find the one that killed her past tribe elders as it is her destiny to find the Vampire creature that slayed them out of pure bloodlust. She only knows two things about her journey. 

One it's an ancient Vampire.
Two his name is Edward......

Will distractions get in her way to complete her mission? Will her immortal body give up on her or will she just shut down? Will she live long enough to complete the mission?

Read on to find out!!

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Zatanna135 Zatanna135 Apr 03, 2012
@OmranShinnar @NathanKramis IMPORTANT! i've re-written A Change of Heart and now it's new and improved and i feel alot happier wid it so i would ove if you would read it again and tell me what you think
NathanKramis NathanKramis Oct 24, 2011
I love it!!! It's kind of a strange read do to the fact that I have read the Twilight books four times, but I can get over the strangeness. I would love it if you could write another chapter please
Zatanna135 Zatanna135 Mar 13, 2011
@OmranShinnar thx so ur saying that for my age i can write pretty well but i shoudn't write something really good then the rest will be boring is that right?
OmranShinnar OmranShinnar Mar 13, 2011
@Zatanna135 Happybirthday from now...no i dont wanna u write a new chapter,:but the girl who's can write like this in your age ......she's Great...,but i don't u loose your power...
Zatanna135 Zatanna135 Mar 13, 2011
@OmranShinnar  Okey so im 14 next month and wat do u mean do u want a new chapter? coz i can write u one if u want  
OmranShinnar OmranShinnar Mar 13, 2011
Sorry,but can you tell me a few information about you ....
                              If you want that .....just because you look young....