Love is Complicated ⇒ Twilight fanfiction

Love is Complicated ⇒ Twilight fanfiction

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HIATUS By Insanity69 Completed

After Ariana moves to Forks with her sister Bella she can't help but notice about the weird things that happen around her and in her life. She meets a new guy and reunites with an old friend.

Will her and a certain Cullen be together or will a certain wolf sweep her off her feet?

I guess you'll have to read to find out ;)

I know I know the description sucks butt!

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jasminesandberg jasminesandberg Oct 08, 2017
She went and made everything a mess with the Cullens ,AND the Wolves.
Mikealsonlover12 Mikealsonlover12 Oct 29, 2017
Roscoe go back to stiles man your apart of the McCall​ pack go back to Stilinski NOW
cool4life2003 cool4life2003 Oct 01, 2017
Everybody has a personality and some people don't, don't judge.
LmaoItsLilly LmaoItsLilly Oct 07, 2017
Ok so saying that 'being dark is bad' is more offensive than 'being white is bad'?? I know that's not what this says, but I'm just ranting about other books and fanfics I read like that. Ugghh sorry I complain alot.
LmaoItsLilly LmaoItsLilly Oct 07, 2017
Not to be rude, but Selena is Mexican and Italian, Kristen isn't, so unless they're half-sisters or adopted usually both sisters are white. But that's just me. I have tendencies to point out small things.
ffionk_2104 ffionk_2104 Nov 07, 2017
It's not fair in Wales we have to wear uniform to school😭😭😭😭😭😭😭