Through The Trees

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ZukoRawr By ZukoRawr Updated 3 years ago
"Go quiet through the trees."
Holy... Crap... That's awesome!!! You most definitely already have me hooked onto this!!! I shall add it and continue reading! Even though it's just the prologue it's still amazing, I can already tell this is going to be an epic story!!! xD
                                    *VOTED... Of course, how could I not?*
I just read that prologue and jesus christ, I'm hooked. You got my vote and I'm most definitely fanning you right now!! :)
@chase_17 I really like this story, Its well written and I like the mystery that lies in it.
I love the twist and the pretty original idea. A lot of my advice for Inhuman stands up in this story too. Character traits, details, all of my fun gory little pointers I gave you. That twist at the end of the chapter was great!
wow, very interesting. You are very imaginitive! 
                                    I was a bit confused though...
                                    I thought her parents died....
                                    Is it a she or a he?
                                    And oh no! whats up with dad??!!!
This. Is. Amazing! You have so much mystery and suspense, it makes you want to read more. 
                                    I love how its so short and simple yet it makes such a big impression!
                                    I wonder, is this a  shifter type of story? Is she a warewolf?!! 
                                    Good job! Keep writing.