The X-Files:  The Truth Revealed

The X-Files: The Truth Revealed

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Once again, Mulder and Scully are confronted by the darkness that followed them relentlessly for nine years as FBI Special Agents assigned to The X-Files. The only difference this time around... the darkness is willing to reveal its true identity.

  • aliens
  • conspiracies
  • extraterrestrials
  • mulder
  • science-fiction
  • scully
  • spiritual
  • thriller
  • x-files
60sbeatles 60sbeatles Aug 12, 2015
I just loved this! I can already tell I'm going to be enjoying the rest of this story! (:
MajkaSammie MajkaSammie Jan 06, 2015
I am also too busy to play but I miss the game. I think we met there :) It's funny. I didn't know you were a writer. I write stories too (fanfics about XF) in Czech mostly.
MajkaSammie MajkaSammie Jan 06, 2015
Hey 330Production is it you who I have been talking to on QuizUp? I was playing X Files and we both kept challenging yourselves? If it's not you I am sorry.
MajkaSammie MajkaSammie Jan 06, 2015
Great prologue. It takes the reader into a mystery and it gives him the need to keep reading.
ChrisMSnyder ChrisMSnyder Jan 03, 2015
More of a question. Where in the show's timeline does this take place? I'm watching for the first time and I'm in the beginning of S4. 
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