The day we conquered the dragon castle(占领恶龙城堡那一天)

The day we conquered the dragon castle(占领恶龙城堡那一天)

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Author: 吕天逸
chapters: 5(completed)
This is a novel translation.


The Elf Prince was abducted by the Dragon.

The angry Elf King sent the finest warrior of the kingdom, Asa, to save the prince.

Carter:  "That fool Asa can't even tell apart the North, South, East and West."

Asa was angry:  "Who did you say is a fool?!"

Elf King: "Can you tell apart North, South, East and West, Asa?"

Asa:  "I can't tell."

Elf King: ...

Thus the mage and the elf embarked on the brave path to save the Prince  and overthrow the Dragon.

Author: There are 2 CP! Carter is the gong

[gong: seme/top in the relationship]

Tags: Short story, BL, romance

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fsiapno fsiapno Jun 07
There's a red flag over there already 😑 looks like he wants to capture Asa 😅😅😅
Tocchi29 Tocchi29 Jan 19
The storyy really funny, oh may god, Asa you always got trick by daddy Carter 😂
MadsLecter MadsLecter Sep 19
Ahhh. I was laughing uproariously to the point that my stomach was aching in this chapter. Ahh, Asa so naive... ╮(╯▽╰)╭
Right. He said before His Majesty that he will feed Asa. Why did you let him starve ah? lol
I stumbled across your site and I know you want the readers to read this on your website but that platform is currently blocked by my ads blocker and I can only access it here. I’ll be a new follower. Keep up the good work.