bittersweet devotion ↝ anakin skywalker [a star wars retelling]

bittersweet devotion ↝ anakin skywalker [a star wars retelling]

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A long time ago.. In a galaxy far far away...

There lived a young girl, who dreamed of a better life. One of adventure, danger and love. Little did she know that her life that had yet to begin. Her name was Kaeli Tyandas and she lived on the desert planet of Tatooine where she was forced to work as a slave alongside her two parents. This was how it had always been for her, and how she had believed it always would be... 

Until one life changing day when she meets a boy named Anakin, who in the end, could become either her saviour or her ultimate doom.

So what if it was not a senator who Anakin Skywalker loved, but one of his own: a Jedi? 

And what if that Jedi chose to side with evil rather than lose him forever?

Top Ranking - #35 in Science Fiction 
This beautiful cover was made by @SkyLabyrinth ❥

Hello! The book starts out great and I would love to read it further, but I'm not reading by English well. Could you do a polish version or send me a pdf file? thank you in advance and best regards. 🙂😘
craneyotic craneyotic May 15
This book gave me so much feels!!  Who Evers reading this comment....READ THE DANG BOOK
I really loved how you described the dream. The writing style is so nice and captivating. I can also tell the plot is really interesting to read, I would definitely continue this story further on. Great work.
What an intense beginning! It seems like Kaeli and Anakin will have a lot to relate to with these nightmares. It was so adorable when she finally met him. You wrote Anakin so cute! ☺️
Alycat1901 Alycat1901 Jan 15
I'm not usually a Starwars fanfiction  fan, but you managed to change my mind in just one chapter! 
                              You're writing is fantastic and your plot is making me  eager for more!
I've never gotten the chance to read Star Wars fan-fic before. Anakin Skywalker was basically my first crush ever tbh.