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Cliches of Wattpad

Cliches of Wattpad

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catlovescats123 By catlovescats123 Completed

My awkward rants about the cliche books on Wattpad. (The title kind of says it all, but I don't like seeing a blank Description box)
I hope you enjoy my apparent ability to make people laugh.

Warning: these are my spur-of-the-moment thoughts. Some stuff may or may not come across as being extremely critical or harsh, but I assure you, I'm NOT trying to tell you to do a complete 180 and delete everything cliche in your books. These are merely my thoughts, not a "How to Be a Perfect Writer" guide. 

Okee dokee? :)

Highest rank: Humor #80 ?!?!?!

And she loves him anyway and is powerless to fight back because damn it, she is in love with her mate, and despite the fact that she is some freak of nature werewolf she should spend all her time being in love with her abusive, possessive mate :D
lilsies lilsies Jun 11
Because seeing someone as your property is extremely attractive? I don't get the whole "mine" thing...
"Hot as Mexican food" 😂😂
                              We Mexicans appreciate that 😂✌🏾️
In my opinion leads are always so much interesting and appealing when they're flaws in real, emotional ways , backed up for reasons that aren't first world problems
I would growl " stay away from me, I want my chicken nuggets and apples with carmel, I'm not 'mine' I'm not yours. Women are not objects, so STAY AWAY FROM ME DUDE!"
"Heck, even their butts probably smell like strawberries"😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂👌🏽