Cliches of Wattpad

Cliches of Wattpad

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My awkward rants about the cliche books on Wattpad. (The title kind of says it all, but I don't like seeing a blank Description box)
I hope you enjoy my apparent ability to make people laugh.

Warning: these are my spur-of-the-moment thoughts. Some stuff may or may not come across as being extremely critical or harsh, but I assure you, I'm NOT trying to tell you to do a complete 180 and delete everything cliche in your books. These are merely my thoughts, not a "How to Be a Perfect Writer" guide. 

Okee dokee? :)

Highest rank: Humor #80 ?!?!?!

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my_limelight_tea my_limelight_tea Dec 21, 2017
*Walks into Bath & Body Works*
                              Shopkeeper: “Hi, welcome to Bath & Body Works! How may I help you today?”
                              Me: “Hi, I’d like a vanilla-scented Alpha. Do you guys have that?”
                              Shopkeeper: “Get out.”
_imsopunny_ _imsopunny_ Jan 11
this gave me the idea to write a WW romance novel where the alpha is actually this really nerdy high schooler with glasses and braces wjho smells like cinnamon xD
Vandyana Vandyana Dec 21, 2017
Wbu gamma theta eta neeta psi Omega etc????! You can't just leave them!
I'd love to see stories with that 'aroma smelling' but it's not: "smells like pine or mint" thing
                              Probably like: "oh dear god it stinks, it reeks of skunk, someone get this person to a shower"
lindsey-chr-notfound lindsey-chr-notfound Dec 26, 2017
Quick, someone give me a pink and purple polka dotted warewolf
gummybeardiamond gummybeardiamond Dec 28, 2017
If I ever write a werewolf book the main girl is gonna be rainbow