Cliches of Wattpad

Cliches of Wattpad

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My awkward rants about the cliche books on Wattpad. (The title kind of says it all, but I don't like seeing a blank Description box)
I hope you enjoy my apparent ability to make people laugh.

Warning: these are my spur-of-the-moment thoughts. Some stuff may or may not come across as being extremely critical or harsh, but I assure you, I'm NOT trying to tell you to do a complete 180 and delete everything cliche in your books. These are merely my thoughts, not a "How to Be a Perfect Writer" guide. 

Okee dokee? :)

Highest rank: Humor #80 ?!?!?!

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sallyr5 sallyr5 Oct 11
Unless we'd been married for a year or were jokingly saying it back and forth as a couple thing, say "mine" to me in a claiming matter and I'll break you body...
Plot twist of every werewolf stories; 
                              They're unicorns who are fans of Finding Nemo in disguise.
Tbh, I would love to read a scene where the guy says it, but not to his love interest, but to his food when someone seems to eyeing it.
weebstick weebstick 4 days ago
no no-- he can't be mexican food. remember there are little to no poc characters in werwolf stories.
anime_gu anime_gu Oct 07
To think about it...your the main character in your we all special
                              Grey wolves exist. And so Moon Moon and Non-Alphas.