Cold Hearted Gangster Princess

Cold Hearted Gangster Princess

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Hime By MissAlwaysInvisible Updated May 16, 2013

What will you do if you have everything in life?


                                         A father who always supports you and protects you from dangers and stuffs,

                                       A mother who will always be proud of you no matter what you accomplishes in life,

                                         A brother who supports you with all your decisions,  

                                          Friends who cares and makes you laugh when you are down;

                                          And someone who cherish you so much. 








Me, as a teenager and having a wonderful life- knowing that they're always be by my side when I need them, Is not that easy as you think.





Having them is a GIFT but having everything  is a SIN.





A SIN because most of the people envy me. They envy me for having such a perfect life and it will turn into a WAR that no one can stop but ME.

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tears_of_raindrops tears_of_raindrops May 26, 2016
nakakalito yung paulit ulit na sentences pero this story is great
Hanyeon_21 Hanyeon_21 Feb 25, 2014
Tagal UD author ehhhh wag nyo maisipang ma delete to kundi PAPATAYIN kita ....."........................It's a big JOKE author shempre Hindi ko Gagawin yun noh I'm a big INNOCENT noh
Megirl_13 Megirl_13 Oct 15, 2013
Wahahahaha putol 
                              anung nang nyari dali dali exited hahahaha