My Own Neko (boyxboy)

My Own Neko (boyxboy)

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(・ω・)ノ By JusstaReader_ Updated Mar 18, 2015


All a cat wants is to be cared for a loved. Lots and lots of love! And that's what Keegan gives his new cat, Ren. But what happens when Ren turns out to be a neko; a cat-human hybrid? What if Ren still wants the attention he got as a kitten even in his human form? What happens when others get jealous?

What happens when Keegan begins to fall for his neko?

Ohhhhhh...I thought that he was sweating because he just had sex...well that just shows how dirty my mind is...ain't mad tho (*^ω^*)
WHOA WHOA WHOA WHOA! HOLD THE FUCKIN MUSTARD!!!...this nigga fuckin with 2 PEOPLE!! bitch tell me your secrets cause I can't even get one!!! ⊙﹏⊙
kyler4437 kyler4437 Mar 25
Just shut up you little b*tch.... (Read that in an annoying tone)
SarahBear65 SarahBear65 Nov 15
Lol! When I saw this I thought it meant like slapped in the face and had to turn on my brain to process what I read! Lol! 😂😅
OHHHHH...OK so he's not his side bitch...OK... I should really read before I comment...
Omaygadd my heart is--
                              My heart is--
                              Ren from NUEST hahah