My Own Neko (boyxboy)

My Own Neko (boyxboy)

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(・ω・)ノ By JusstaReader_ Updated Mar 18, 2015


All a cat wants is to be cared for a loved. Lots and lots of love! And that's what Keegan gives his new cat, Ren. But what happens when Ren turns out to be a neko; a cat-human hybrid? What if Ren still wants the attention he got as a kitten even in his human form? What happens when others get jealous?

What happens when Keegan begins to fall for his neko?

Boring_Comes_First Boring_Comes_First Dec 22, 2016
That's a load of's not gonna get picked up again and it's got 21 I'm reading where is availiable.
gabriell554 gabriell554 Jun 20, 2015
Really aww man:( Oh we'll I will try to read this story anyway and use my imagination.
M0RBlD M0RBlD Apr 05, 2015
/finally finds something to read/
                              /it's discontinued/
angellovexiumin angellovexiumin Feb 25, 2015
can you try to make a story of a teenager girl who became a popular student in there university beacause of his boyfriend that owned there school
LouieDaveBorres LouieDaveBorres Feb 22, 2015
its so lovely ' what a nice and cute story ;)
                               when you think about the characters uhhh its so hot and adrable specially kigan and ren  nice STORY .
cannon9009 cannon9009 Feb 19, 2015
the cover is so kawaii
                              hey you should read my new book coming out
                              its called Red and the neko
                              its in japanese so you can distinguish it from all the other books
                              its got a few refrences here and there....
                              the neko is even magical
                              polt twiiiist