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Vampire prince and his new pet.....neko?  (boyxboy)

Vampire prince and his new pet.....neko? (boyxboy)

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leelee-the-neko By leelee-the-neko Completed

the vampire prince saves a boy from being attacked, he plans on having him for a meal but finds out isn't exactly a boy. he is a neko! once he figures this out he plans on keeping him as a pet since nekos are so hard to find. but slowly the poor little neko makes his way into the black hearted prince heart. read to find out more!!

My mom said I smell like apples when I come home from school......Probably because I don't go to school I just climb up an apple tree and eat some apples and wait for the students rudhing out hehehehe!
XxWhiteNekoxX XxWhiteNekoxX 2 days ago
I dont have a pet neko.. I AM a neko. A wild, ferocious beast, that could kill u with my razor sharp claws.
                              *Sees neko being a house pet*
                              As I was saying, we r wild, ferocious beasts..
prinsess7878 prinsess7878 6 days ago
My Best friend told me I smell like Baby powder or sometimes she tells me I smell like flowers. I then told her that she smells like the most beautiful flower ever to exist. Then she punched me in the arm saying Nice pick-up line you dork XD. 🌸
Numziep Numziep Apr 01
Omg im so glad i stumble upon this book. Not halfway through the chapter and im already inloved. I love the way you write <3
Everuone is talking about like the characters and stuff then here i am wondering how I'd smell to a vampire
Why are people talking about what they smell like? Well, I might as well tell you what I smell like. Dirt. I smell like dirt. Probably because I spent a week in a hole in the ground. The test was easier that way.