Vampire prince and his new pet.....neko?  (boyxboy)

Vampire prince and his new pet.....neko? (boyxboy)

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the vampire prince saves a boy from being attacked, he plans on having him for a meal but finds out isn't exactly a boy. he is a neko! once he figures this out he plans on keeping him as a pet since nekos are so hard to find. but slowly the poor little neko makes his way into the black hearted prince heart. read to find out more!!

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Why don’t I just call you Virgin since you’re probably one?
The thing with the bowl is.. he could have just used his hands to hold the bowl
Virgi?  Screw that your name is Fergie (I thought of that for some reason)
Caspianv Caspianv Aug 04
Omg. Virgo from Fairytail?! You know the one that loves punishment so much, wear chains, and has a whip?! That Virgo! I love her. 
                              I'm a libra.
Plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz read my bxb neko story! I promise it wont be a waste of your time! I worked really hard on it!
Honestly when someone says purr, all I think about is vibration. Like they're vibrating for some reason.