OverTime 04: Settling [THE NEW EDIT]

OverTime 04: Settling [THE NEW EDIT]

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Yvonne Jocks By VonJocks Updated Dec 02, 2017


"My past is the future, and my future is the past." 
Elizabeth Rhinehart Garrison, who was sent into the past against her will, has settled into 1870s Wyoming with her rancher husband and adorable stepson. But when she is forced to timeslip back to present-day Chicago, can she get back to the Old West life that she chose? Or will she, like her husband, decide she has a few scores to settle first?

This is an IN PROGRESS work, and 4th book in a series.  

As of AUGUST 2019, I have decided to seriously revamp this, especially the part of the story that is set in modern-day Chicago. I'm probably doing away with the "sending homeless people back in time to hunt them" plot, which just isn't me. More important, I need to give Lillabit back some of her sense of fun from previous works (my own issues with depression have colored some of her decisions, or lack thereof). My apologies to any of you who got invested in that version! I've kept your comments, in case they vanish with the ditched chapters.

 Consider it a chance to see how a multi-published author (I've also published/won awards as Evelyn Vaughn) creates her raw material. COMMENTS ARE SO VERY WELCOME, and the fuel that keeps me going! 

The series  began with "OVERTIME 1: Searching" and "OVERTIME 2: Turning," available on Amazon.com. "OVERTIME 3: Slipping" will be on WattPad until it is published on Amazon.