My roomate is a heartbreaker

My roomate is a heartbreaker

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Unknown By moki_smiles Updated Sep 08, 2013

I finally made it to Westfield University. It was one of the most prestige colleges and I got in. My parents were happy but they had a hard time saying goodbye.

"Mom I'll be fine, I promise"

"I just can't believe my little girl is growing up". She was crying. "Just make sure to visit every day okay". 

"Karen leave the girl alone" my dad said with my luggage in his hand. "But I just can't help it" my mom was crying hard now. I opened my arms and gave her a hug. "Aw mom I'll miss you too". We let go and I gave my dad a hug. "I'll miss you booger" he said. After hugging my parents bye. I watched them as they went inside their car and drove away. I grabbed my luggage and started walked to the dorms.

'E46, E46?' I repeated in my mind. I was confused because I thought college freshman were supposed to have a letter A near their dorm number. I guess things changed around here. I started walking in the dormitory that said E. Now this is weird. When I walked in all I saw were dudes. I felt ...

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necia1412 necia1412 Nov 24, 2017
Hold up in the begging of the story his name is Aiden so how come on chapter four his name is daney or something
lizadex lizadex Apr 05, 2016
Seriously trapped in an all guys dormitory u have got to be kidding me
octaviawuv octaviawuv Jan 11, 2017
i died. if that happen i would go get high with him lol  idk wat i would do