Imponderable (Adventure Time Fanfic)

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Miss Inconspicuous By jassright Completed
As most of you know I'm a big fan of Adventure Time and I don't really like the part where Finn and Flame Princess develps feeling for each other.. I mean, well they're okay but I prefer the Finn x PB tandem.
    This is sort of an "alternate plot" for Incendium. It starts when Finn sings his song "All Gummed Up Inside". I just want Finn to be happy with PB and I want them to end up together.
    This may be a little weird for Adventure Time, but this is just a fanfic. So I hope you'll like it :)
My Favorite song ! ALL GUMMED UP INSIDE ! which also has a flameprincess version that jake sang .. <3
Very very AWSEOME !!! :D I can't wait for the next chapter :))
Woah dude ur amazing !! Even though it's against the current episodes it's totally radicall man two thumbs up ? ;-)
@mariahcual123 PB will remain 18 and won't grow for 6 yrs, so that Finn would catch up to her. She din't made herself 13 again.
Oh. blob! I loved it! When are ya planning to update? ;)
                                    Keep up the great job, buddy ;D
NICE! U should make a Marceline x Marshall Lee Story! I love them :))