The Girl With Violet Eyes

The Girl With Violet Eyes

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Sam By SamanthaWilde Updated May 10

"My soul is among Lions...." 

Previously named: A Lannister Lion
~A Tywin Lannister Short Story~

They had called her many names. Witch. Sorceress. Enchantress. 
And those had been the nicer names. There had been others.
Heathen. Harpy. She-devil. Whore. 
But that had been before.
Now, they knew better.

Tywin Lannister is a brilliant strategist, a cunning man, and above all, a ruthless ruler. As the Head of House Lannister and Warden of the West it is his duty-and his life's work-to restore House Lannister to its former glory after its decline under his father's rule. Now, with the Baratheon-Lannister alliance making his House one of the most powerful in the Seven Kingdoms, there's not much else Lord Lannister wants..... But what happens when he runs into the most unlikely of people in the most unlikely of places? Will his heart get in the way of his planning and strategizing? Or will he make House Lannister a name to remember?

Asriel Waters had tried to live a life away from her past, burdened with a secret that would consume her whole world if it were to become known. A quiet, uneventful life deep in the forest, where no one knew who she was or what she could do. But all that changes when she is captured by no other than the Lannister Lion himself. How long will she be able to hold out against Tywin Lannister, a man so cold and austere she wonders if he has any heart at all? Will she be able to keep her secrets, or will Tywin unravel her past and use it against her?

~This story takes place three years before the beginning of Season 1 of GOT.   It will also include stories about the 17 years Tywin spent as Hand of King Aerys, and maybe progress along some of the storyline of different GOT seasons...~