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Cotton Candy Deer

Cotton Candy Deer

128K Reads 5.3K Votes 24 Part Story
no By e-ureongie Completed

Sehun glanced around his classroom, his eyes somehow seeming hollow and cold, he chuckled in his mind because most of his classmates were quickly avoiding to directly look back at him. The tall boy liked his image of a „bad-boy“ it made him feel confident.  He put much effort in building himself that image and you could sure say he was proud of it, really proud. He wouldn’t let anyone destroy that, that was what he was quite sure of until he met this guy.

timmyneverlies timmyneverlies Nov 01, 2016
A few grammar mistakes but otherwise fantastic. I'm really curious what happens next
tensmainhoe tensmainhoe Sep 28, 2016
This was art; in the form of ilegible letters that made up a hell of a runon word/sentence. Lovely work.
KrisLipata KrisLipata Oct 25, 2016
The cover was freakin good and hot af and.... Uh... This chapter... IS GOOD 😭 IM CRYING RN 😭 THIS CHAPTER... MADE MY NOSE BLEED... IT WAS PRETTY GOOD LANGUAGE HUH ?
AswomeG AswomeG Oct 02, 2016
😂 so good I'm brought to tears 😢 and TOTALLY NOT because I'm laughing 😅
my heart's about to explode omdhakak this was so good. im not even kidding
skrillxmin skrillxmin Dec 25, 2016
Omg I'm ded this is to much to handle...😹😹😭😭😭 KDAJFKFKDKSKGKSKFJJD😹😹😹😭😹😭😹😭