The Makeover

The Makeover

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ilovelukey By ilovelukey Updated Mar 25, 2016

Violet Emerson is Belleview High's resident loner and/or outcast. I could say that but she really isn't. There are people who know her and football player Hugh makes sure there isn't a day she isn't annoyed. 

So what happens when Violet Emerson the school's loner/outcast gets a total makeover? Not a physical one; what if she gets a personality makeover?
How will Daniel (her best friend), Kate (vice captain of the cheer leading team and her other best friend) , her family and whoever else she knows take it?

Enter new boy, new girl and a few other characters and Violet's and everyone else's life is a mess. 

Violet feels like everything around her is changing too fast and she can't handle life at such a fast pace. Conflicted emotions and raging hormones are things she has never had to deal with before.

Daniel has a thing for Violet and he doesn't know how to act upon his feelings, so he decides jealousy is his best option.

Kate, is a free spirit who decides to try new things and shock her friends by doing it.

Hugh plays a silent but important role in the book and ultimately ends up giving everybody shocking news.

Jeremy acts as everybody's personal counselor though somewhere along the way he might end up needing one himself.

Enter one more pivotal character and it's just like the frickkin' cherry on the top.

(This story features an ensemble cast and will feature multiple POVs.)

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prxttyinblxck prxttyinblxck Apr 21, 2013
This is a usual story. Great, by the way. You are certainly talented and this is surely a page turner. Thank you for existing and making this story. My life would be nothing without. Thanks a lot for keeping me up at night (like 3am) will you read and critcise mine? Thank you,
xXKaityXx xXKaityXx May 01, 2011
My suggestion is to use propper grammer and spelling. It is a good story, but people don't take you seriously when you use incorrect english.