My Mate's rejection, but I made a correction.

My Mate's rejection, but I made a correction.

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Jessi By lily_summers Updated Apr 20, 2012

He rejected me, I still loved him.

Cindy Glass Marigold, found her mate, and she fell in love with him. She was going to meet him for a date, when she got delayed. Her best friend Skyler(from my mate's rejection, but another's perfection) was in the hospital. So she had to leave.

Alex Ben carter, has the Case of Love em, and leave em. So when he found his mate. He decided, to have a quick tumble, and then reject her. He rejected his best friends step-sister.

His friend thinks he's an idiot, for rejecting a girl he has never met, but who care's when your a player.

Will she get her happily-ever-after. With a prince charming of her own? or will she be as miserable as Cinderella before she had met her prince?

(it's the second book to My mate's rejection, but another's perfection. You don't have to read em in order. But it might make more sense. There is also another i'm making a third one.)

tell me what you think!!!!!!

supplexu supplexu Jan 06, 2013
<3 the story so far except for her mate who used her then rejected her....he should pay.