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(TH#7)"Life could be too much like fire. Unpredictable, scorching, and roaring out of your control faster than you could believe."

Life isn't perfect. In fact, most of the time, it's far from it. Annie Davis knows this, which is why she's thoroughly divided her life in half, working hard to embrace the flawless side she's created for the world, and the crumbling reality she struggles to hide. All she wants to do is get out and start on her promising journalism career. That is, until she meets Ezra Burns.

New and selectively mute, and definitely hiding something, he becomes the big story Annie needs to leave senior year with a bang. But she finds out she may have bitten off a bit more than she can chew, when big secrets are revealed, the chemistry between them becomes undeniable, and she finds out firsthand just how deep the fire can burn you.

nextpage1207 nextpage1207 Dec 01, 2016
I love how all your books are tied together,I just realized this because most of the books I read by you have the same characters and I think it is really cool.You are a great author.
closetlarrie closetlarrie Jun 01, 2015
That was actually beautiful. Idek EXACTLY why, but it just was.
snowangels_ snowangels_ Dec 30, 2013
The first line really shocked me. So good work, 'cause it made me read more :) @speakandbeHeard
SadHornyTeens SadHornyTeens Dec 21, 2013
My god ur such a good writer, just the summary should get votes ^-^
shadowhuntervictor shadowhuntervictor Dec 21, 2013
amazing start to another amazing book!! :) Update soon please! I can't wait to get started
Spokensilence Spokensilence Dec 21, 2013
:) I absolutely love the start of this. I think this story is going to be amazing...