Beautiful Broken Pieces

Beautiful Broken Pieces

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Bella_Higgin By Bella_Higgin Completed

Laini Lewis is starting to lose it.

Her mum has been diagnosed with terminal cancer, her dad is shutting her out of everything, people are constantly judging her for her older sister going off the rails, and the pressure of trying to live up to everyone's expectations is making her crack.

The last thing she needs is to get involved with local pariah and bad boy, Kell Rhodes.
Laini knows all the rumours - Kell is trouble with a capital T.

But when a chance encounter throws Laini and Kell together, she discovers that Kell might be the one person who actually understands what she's going through.

Kell is trying to leave his troubled past behind and become a better person, and when she's with him, Laini feels like she can be anyone, do anything. But Kell's past is never far behind, and Laini's quest to become a different person begins to take her down the dark path of drink and drugs that Kell is trying to escape. 

Both Kell and Laini are trying to discover who they really are, but the further Laini continues down this dark road, the more she begins to turn into someone that she doesn't like. Kell may be the only person in the world who truly understands her, but as Laini spirals downwards, she may be going into a place where even Kell can't reach her.