Claimed [ManxMan/BDSM]

Claimed [ManxMan/BDSM]

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|Claimed [ManxMan/BDSM]|

After a year of suffering under the hands of his abusive ex-lover, Levy Wilson is ready to forget the past. He is finally free of the clutches that held him and now all he needs is a good book and the comfort of his best friend, Molly. Never again will he subjugate himself to a man and allow himself to be hurt.

When Levy gets promoted from in his secretarial assistant position at the company he works for he meets Jacob Richardson, the new CEO of Waves Marketing Corp. Working under Mr. Richardson shouldn't be a big deal, Levy has been a secretarial assistant for years. But one look at the smoldering, demanding CEO and Levy knows he's in trouble.

The sexual attraction between the two men is instantaneous. One look, one touch and all carnal desires will be let loose. Except Levy won't allow himself to get tangled with another dominating man, he's had enough of that in his life. Especially when he finds out the type of lifestyle his new boss is really into. But as the saying goes: 'If at first you don't succeed, try, try again'. And when Levy's ex comes claiming what he believes is rightfully his, Levy will have to choose who he belong to: his abusive ex-lover or his gentle dominating boss.

Only one thing is certain: in the end Levy will be good and claimed.

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Thanks, dad. Oh, and I also want extra chores.
                              Was I sarcastic enough?
See, ummm, I have standards that are very hard to meet.
                              But you meet them all.
Hey hey guys... dont wprry its probaly was rlly an innocent hug
                              She kept it PLATONIC
jxlecler jxlecler Feb 19
I don't know why everyone seems to hate April. She seems nice.
Pelumi_A Pelumi_A Aug 30, 2016
Maybe I'm reaching but is she named after April from Grey's Anatomy
Andy___Oliver Andy___Oliver May 26, 2016
I'm not an Attack on Titan fan but I couldn't help to read that as Levi😂