show┃yuwin by chogiwanese
show┃yuwinby bogsie
╻sit back and just enjoy the show╹ ❀ yuwin ❀ chogiwanese
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daddy's babysitter | yuwin by smuttytaelien
daddy's babysitter | yuwinby LC♡
Yuta is a single parent, just trying to get by with his young son and a full-time job. He didn't expect to find a babysitter this way, and he definitely didn't expect hi...
  • ten
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Boss     ~Taeten~ by The_Basement_Key
Boss ~Taeten~by The_Basement_Key
"You're too pretty to be a mob Boss" A Taeten fanfic Warnings-�-�-�- Language Disorders Slight angst More things gang related If this story offends you, sorry ...
  • taeil
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pretty | yuwin by lavenderhyuck
pretty | yuwinby 公主
"i just wanted to be pretty" [started : 23/7/18] [finished : 13/9/18] © lavenderhyuck
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Don't @ Me • Luwoo by lowqualityyoongz
Don't @ Me • Luwooby ✘𝕜𝕒𝕣𝕖𝕟✘
Jungwoo's account is a flop, and he knows it. Lucas is well loved, through what he sees in the comments left under of one of his posts, and he knows it. Jungwoo has a ha...
  • doyoung
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Risk my wings (Yuwin) by littleLion4321
Risk my wings (Yuwin)by Little Lion
There was a boy called Yuta, senior in high school, handsome and popular between friends and girls. He had it all, so no one ever understood why he was risking his life...
  • winwin
  • doyoung
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Strangers || JohnIl by letsjaem
Strangers || JohnIlby letsjaem
Where Johnny texts his crush, Taeil. But Taeil doesn't know who he is. Will he find out who the flirty stranger is? And what will happen when he finds out? (With a littl...
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( KEEP YOUR MONEY SHARON ) winkosbitch • 4.31pm groupchats are trouble.
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touch by awkwardjunhui
touchby ⋅ʚ dumpling ɞ⋅
(ON GOING) "Touch me" "Go touch yourself! Wait-" In which Yuta just needs a little dosage of Sicheng's love. «mentions of alcohol» Started on: Octobe...
  • sicheng
  • taeil
  • jaeyong
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Eight Months ⎡yuwin⎦ by bbgyeri
Eight Months ⎡yuwin⎦by — 𝒌𝒂𝒕 ✩
Yuta was cursed at birth. The curse? He has to fall in love by the time he's twenty-one. Yuta's twenty, and it's February. His birthday is in October. He only has till t...
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antipode | yuwin by jaehyunberry
antipode | yuwinby ˗ˏˋ𝓶𝓸𝓻𝔂.
🐍 - formerly entitled "accio, heart!" Yuta was the overly confident Slytherin, who acted more like a Gryffindor, risking his life in dangerous activities ever...
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School Romance by kpop_forever__
School Romanceby Kcymmi
School. For some people it's just elementary school and high school. for others. it's elementary school all the way to university or college. For NCT. They were all con...
  • yuwin
  • renkun
  • chensung
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"I don't get it." "They're called feelings WinWin-ah." ©BeQuiet_ 2017
  • nctmembers
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I'm Pregnant • NCT by CallMeMiyeon
I'm Pregnant • NCTby ~Calł•Më•Hīätus~
Basically all of the bottoms in my NCT ships get pregnant...Yeah I don't know what is wrong with me -Warning- This book contains: + A/N being the CEO -Ships- + Doil + Jo...
  • doil
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Only You~Yuwin by kpop-rubbish
Only You~Yuwinby kpop-rubbish
I want all is to be the only person in Yuta's eyes and I want all of his attention Winwin is the only person I have in my eyes and is the only person I will give all of...
  • nctyuta
  • boylove
  • fluff
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[[Taeyong's Only Daughter]] NCT AU by Barbie_In_Black
[[Taeyong's Only Daughter]] NCT AUby Barbie ♪ ♬
-- In which Taeyong gives birth to a girl lol no jk- -- In which SM surprises NCT with a female member -- {{ Also on asianfanfics under the same author under the usernam...
  • nomin
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delayed | nct yuwin ☾ by derangedghost
delayed | nct yuwin ☾by 𝓭𝓮𝓻𝓪𝓷𝓰𝓮𝓭𝓰𝓱𝓸𝓼𝓽
Sicheng's flight back to Korea gets endlessly delayed, and his wait alone is excruciatingly long. genres: fluff, cute, soft, romance 28122018 #39 in #dongsicheng 0201201...
  • winwin
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Stray ((NCT hybrid AU)) by Wonzihao
Stray ((NCT hybrid AU))by S U N S H I N E
Hybrids: Ten, Sicheng, Jungwoo, Doyoung, Kun, Donghyuk, RenJun, Chenle Owners: Johnny, Taeyong, Yuta, Taeil, Lucas, Jaehyun, Hansol, Mark, Jaemin, Jeno, Jisung POLY RELA...
  • luwoo
  • chensung
  • norenmin
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Alone| A Yuwin Fanfic  by medium_HuH
Alone| A Yuwin Fanfic by medium_HuH
yuta feels he is by him self until someone comes into his life and changes everything
  • johnten
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  • exo
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