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Unpredictable Love by maya_309
Unpredictable Loveby Maya
A story about Ishita and Raman who had been through a lot to get their love of their lives.
Char Kadam: IshRa FanFic #Completed  by maanvir
Char Kadam: IshRa FanFic maanvir
Ishita is a lovely and loving girl but hates 2 things in life: Waiting and Strangers. But as fate had planned, she has to deal with both when her train back home gets de...
This starts from d time she first saw raman singing song for shgaun to calm her down.. She ws vry upset whn she heard him sing n instantly went to her room.. He saw dat...
Mujhe Tham Le by Veedeeann
Mujhe Tham Leby Veedeeann
Reposting from IF. My only short story about Ishra after the 7 year leap. With new chapters in an extended version.
IshRa Five Shot - Finding My Way Back To You (COMPLETED)  by FreeSpirit1717
IshRa Five Shot - Finding My Way FreeSpirit1717
Does Raman blame and shout at Ishita because she hides stuff from him, or does she hide stuff from him because he shouts and blames? It's a bit of a chicken and egg sit...
My Baby's Mother by ishra_soul
My Baby's Motherby ishrasoul
Raman working in his office totally engrossed in work his sole attention was to prepare a perfect presentation... His chain of thoights gets broke as his phone rings...
Yeh Hai Mohabbatein-ISHRA-Burning Desire by NICKYD86
Yeh Hai Nicky Davids
Raman and Ishita got married for the sake of Ruhi's custody. It's been a few months since their wedding and they have settled into a daily routine. Sharing a bed with...
Guilt, trust, love by mamatagandhe
Guilt, trust, loveby Mamata Gandhe
This story begins from the scene when Raman sings a song to calm Shagun down and Ishita heard it.
I was trying to seduce you by Akriti154
I was trying to seduce youby Akriti
A very childish and baby ishita's innocent and hilarious means of seducing her husband raman. [RANKED #2] on jun 13, #1 in ramabhalla and ishitabhalla on aug 22. Ranked...
Faith Destiny & Love (Complete) ✔ by Albeli_26
Faith Destiny & Love (Complete) ✔by Albeli_26
I will confess everything now. I know she still love me. I will make her mine all again. I shouldn't have left him alone in Delhi but I will tell him everything. I love...
It Happened One Night ✔️ by Veedeeann
It Happened One Night ✔️by Veedeeann
First published on India Forums as "Winning Her Back", this short but sweet tale takes place after Adi's accident case. Ishita has forgiven Raman for his dupl...
Mohabbatein by Suhani_Saathiya
Mohabbateinby Suhani _Saathiya
New Story about IshRa ❤️
Finding the Lost Souls (Watty 2018) by Albeli_26
Finding the Lost Souls (Watty 2018)by Albeli_26
Title suggested by @maanvir ❤ Beautiful cover credit goes to @itssapna ❤ Also known as Muskurane Ki Wajah Tum Ho on India Forum..... Life isn't work the way we planned...
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Mast Magan ( Completed ) by itssapna
Mast Magan ( Completed )by itssapna
"Once in a while, right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairy tale." ❤💓❤💕
Biwi Ho Tum Meri ✔️ by Veedeeann
Biwi Ho Tum Meri ✔️by Veedeeann
Raman and Ishita's relationship has hit a dead end. They love each other but he just won't admit it. So when he goes to Mumbai in a huff after Ishita brings Shagun home...
|| IshRa SS || Haule Haule Ho Jayega Pyaar ✔ by -soufflegirll-
|| IshRa SS || Haule Haule Ho vee :)
❝ I Love You ❞ ❝ But I - I Don't Even Know You ❞ Ishita lands up in Raman's house due to unforeseen circumstances. She lies her way into the house, but will she be able...
|| IshRa || One Shots Compilation ✔ by -soufflegirll-
|| IshRa || One Shots Compilation ✔by vee :)
Just some one-shots about our favourite couple :) Re-posting my write-ups from India-forums. Please Do Vote and Comment. 〈 Ishita x Raman 〉 ✪ Highest Ranking ✪ - [#6 i...
Born to be your mother(on hold) by ackshayakeerthig
Born to be your mother(on hold)by Ackshaya Keerthi G
This is the story of a 26-year-old south Indian Brinda Venkatraman (abandoned by the family for infertility) and 9-year-old Yash Anandh from the north. Both have a dark...
Love around Reel and Real by divan_admirer
Love around Reel and Realby divan_admirer
A story where two actors meet for a show but a love story starts behind the show. Karan Patel and Divyanka Tripathi, two different personalities, still attracted to each...
IshRa|| Dil Toh Pagal Hai by Tanvi_4
IshRa|| Dil Toh Pagal Haiby Tanya Gupta
Raman Bhalla- a dancer who wants to win DANCE CHAMPIONSHIP..falls in love with ISHITA IYER Ishra romantic ff