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The Vampire's Maid (Xiaother) by CoincidentalyPokemon
The Vampire's Maid (Xiaother)by CoincidentalyPokemon
In a world filled with hidden monsters, one boy by the name of Aether finds himself to be the Vampire Prince's next meal one night. Fueled with the desire to live, Aethe...
Reunited {Scaraxiaether} by kazu_scaraaa
Reunited {Scaraxiaether}by kazu_scaraaa
ScaraXiaether Wrote this just for fun, the original idea was Scaraether , but we ended up with this :)
Helliner's (Genshin) Smutshots by KazuhasCvmEnjoyer
Helliner's (Genshin) Smutshotsby KazuhasCvmEnjoyer
- Doesnt include Xreaders! - Every ship here is MLM - There isnt Kaeluc/DiluKae here - Excuse my HORRIBLE writing. Ships includes: - Zhongchi(mostly)(Only top Zhongli) ...
☆ Xiaether Oneshots ☆ by BeesBun_xo
☆ Xiaether Oneshots ☆by on ao3 now
[Not Updated] Literally just a book of Xiao x Aether because I like this ship and am very bored. This book will contain smut, fluff and maybe angst? Idk definitely not a...
The Weight of the Spear by Kreuziled
The Weight of the Spearby Kreuziled
Rex Lapis died. Now Xiao has nothing to protect. He could put down the spear, but he didn't.
Lost words and how to find them by Ame-Kumo
Lost words and how to find themby Ame Kumo
School AU with Genshin Impact characters! Every character will appear at some point, currently Aether and Lumine are the main characters but that may change over the cha...
Told The Stories -OneShots- (Anime and Games) by A_l0ne_s0ul
Told The Stories -OneShots- (Anime...by A_l0ne_s0ul
Oneshots : -X Reader (Male,female, non-binary,...) -LGBTQ+ -Not one anime exact -Not one game exact -original characters (oc)
F a t e by VanessaJocellyne
F a t eby exelairu
An Aether x Xiao fanfic made by me. All the pictures I put in the story is not mine at all. Credits for all the pictures to the rightful owners in Twitter or Instagram. ...
Before the night end by Zjebana__
Before the night endby ค໓ii
Before this night is over, there is one important thing I want to tell you, Xiao. I love you and I always will. One shot from Genshin Impact. The main characters in the...
Genshin Impact Ai Oneshots by CoincidentalyPokemon
Genshin Impact Ai Oneshotsby CoincidentalyPokemon
This is something I've wanted to do for a while now to be honest. Chaotic One-shots written purely by an Ai. Enjoy this craziness. Yes, I know it won't make much sense...
To love again by xiaoisverycute
To love againby kat
Xiao, the last surviving yaksha and the conquerer of demons, incapable of loving a mortal. But what if it didn't have to be a mortal? What if there was someone out there...
Another day Another Love Story {Xiao x Aether} by CCCCecilioooo
Another day Another Love Story {Xi...by Cecilio
A Xiao x Aether with angst ;3 If you don't like it you can leave, no one is going to force you to read this. Simple really, everyone has their own thoughts on their own...