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Lady of Winterfell by BubblyYork
Lady of Winterfellby Jade
Sanira Tremaine has been plagued by night terrors for as long as she could remember. Game of Thrones. Follows the first three seasons. Robb/OC. Book One of the Winds of...
Golden Winter || Robb Stark  [on hold] by Krazy_Kupid
Golden Winter || Robb Stark [on h...by Krazy_Kupid
Winter. Bleak, cold and harsh. Gold. Bright, valuable and coveted. Two worlds. Never meant to meet. Robb, the young wolf with rage and vengeance in his heart. Reau, the...
The young wolf and the lion cub by astarkofwinterfell
The young wolf and the lion cubby astarkofwinterfell
Myrcella Baratheon is betrothed to Robb Stark but what happens when the young wolf goes to war against her brother? Everyone will see her as the enemy but will Robb?
The Rose of Winter | Game of Thrones by danysxthrone
The Rose of Winter | Game of Thron...by danysxthrone
"I am not marrying the nearest Lord you can pawn me off to, and it certainly won't be Joffrey Baratheon" Adelina Mullyn has everything a girl of her station c...
Ilunga|Robb Stark by svls1234
Ilunga|Robb Starkby svls1234
A lion in the north [Robb Stark x oc] [Alternative Universe Post - Season 3] [svls1234]
anastasia [got || on hold] by trelawneys
anastasia [got || on hold]by “ fall ”
" goodbye, don't forget me " lions and snakes do not fare well when caged with dragons [game of thrones] [rhaenys targaryen lives!au] [book one of the historic...
The Price for the Crossing by gameofthronesfanfic
The Price for the Crossingby gameofthronesfanfic
Maya Frey had heard of the Young Wolf before. King Robb Stark had become quite infamous around the Twins. Only when she finds out that he's to marry a Frey does she star...
Kiki, Do you love me? [working title] ||Tywin Lannister x OC|| by Capella_DeVil
Kiki, Do you love me? [working tit...by Elise
Lady Katherine Tyrell was a dark brunette beauty whose soft curls and arched eyebrows framed her delicate but cold face, highlighting her high cheekbones. She was the da...
Elysian| Robb Stark by svls1234
Elysian| Robb Starkby svls1234
20 000 Soldiers, She Had Them He Needed Them [Robb Stark x oc] [svls1234] [Game of Thrones Season 1 - ]
The Worth Of Love by TheHoodedAssassin
The Worth Of Loveby TheHoodedAssassin
Ned Stark is smuggled out of King's Landing by Ser Davos by order of Stannis Baratheon. But when Ned Stark realises that Stannis will not be a good king, he flees to Pen...