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I fell in love with a serial killer... (Prinxiety) by AnxiePop666
I fell in love with a serial Jamie
this is a Virgil Afton AU. (Virgil is Michael's twin) ships: Prinxiety (duh) Logicality Demus Remile Helliam (William x Henry for those who don't know) Michael x Ennard...
Partners in Crime (Helliam/Willry) DISCONTINUED  by PearledGemini
Partners in Crime (Helliam/Willry) PearledGemini
Basically, each chapter is gonna be scenes of William and Henry committing some sort of crime together. Some chapters will probably be little one-shots though. Some chap...
Virgil, Deku, & Aizawa Afton AU by Ekan_Phan3013
Virgil, Deku, & Aizawa Afton AUby Ekansome Phan
just a story with a crossover of Sanders Sides, My Hero Academia, and FNaF/Aftons
"Family" - Afton Family Reunion by existentialChrisss
"Family" - Afton Family Reunionby existentialChrisss
I was running frantically through the dark, winding alleyways away from the burning building. We all made it out, somehow, but we ended up separating ways, probably the...
Having a Funtime by Maybe_Caitlyn39
Having a Funtimeby Caitlyn
this is a Virgil Afton AU because wattpad always needs more of those. Virgil is Lobit (because he always is) and all the chapters are puns! Please don't judge this is my...
Ask & Dare! by Underswapsans245
Ask & Dare!by someone that is WAY too hyped...
Author/Me: Oh, hi! Welcome to this special Hell! I'll be your guide! *I am seen walking toward a large group of Sanses yelling at each-other* Author/Me: These are the Sa...
Newbright Academy  by PotatoPerson__
Newbright Academy by PotatoPerson__
A school for people with parents that are from different fandoms This is (as far as I know) an original idea! But I would like to know if you would read this if I wrote...
William and Virgil (Afton) in Hell( Hazbin hotel, fnaf sander sides crass over by storystore123
William and Virgil (Afton) in storystore123
Uh- its William in hell...? Do ye really need more of an explanation...? Well i should put that this is an au(my au is really confusing so if you dont get it tell me and...
Eternally Afton by ParisOnTheMoon
Eternally Aftonby Paris
*DISCONTINUED* A huge complation of my AU, including the reunion, Virgil's Entrance and the Sides Entrance. May contain more eventually. Read first chapter for descripti...