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my little demon (south park x reader) by 4ablabla
my little demon (south park x icymoonlight47
(y/n) just moved into south park since her secret almost got leaked , she became friends with the south park boys but little does she know that the boys want something...
Tweek x Reader coffee shop love by unoriginal_cartman
Tweek x Reader coffee shop loveby shsl swag
When you notice how stressed out your school mate tweek is from school and work, you soon ease his anxiety and become friends, well..maybe even more~
South Park x Reader Tumblr Requests by Fall_Out_Juli
South Park x Reader Tumblr Requestsby Juli Tucker
I'll be Crossposting my Tumblr requests in this book. Might change this description eventually.
Snowflakes || South Park x Reader / Reader Insert || Oneshots by Dr3am3rDr3ams
Snowflakes || South Park x SnowFlakes
"It hardly snows where I used to live, This is awesome!"
Tweek x reader oneshots/imagines by Sages_Stars
Tweek x reader oneshots/imaginesby Sages_Stars
IDK WHAT TO NAME THIS 😭😭😭 also, this will have nothing to do with any SP episodes at all so that's a heads up. Yes, I am aware of creek, but I love tweek so much I HA...
Ice Ice Baby || Wonder Tweek x Fem Reader by Dank_Anteaters
Ice Ice Baby || Wonder Tweek x Thorn
(Technically a Tweek x Reader) Don't expect much updates from this :) Also no summary for now South Park is owned by Matt Stone and Trey Parker
Tweek the type of boyfriend by sillynekogirl027
Tweek the type of boyfriendby sillynekogirl027
Basically boyfriend scenarios with tweek ❤️
X Reader Drafts by DearTimAndMoby
X Reader Draftsby Moby
I'll be dead before ANY of these get finished.
Movie Night (Tweek x Rebecca) by st_op_cry_ing
Movie Night (Tweek x Rebecca)by st_op_cry_ing
Tweek has a new girlfriend. Sweet little Twebecca fanfic for the soul.
Warm Coffee // Tweek X Reader by ifLame_SketchXxX
Warm Coffee // Tweek X Readerby DietCokeXx
You move to south park and go to a school there. you make some good friends, and made a best friend too! His name is Tweek Tweak. You feel strange around him. t...