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❤️ Fireknight ❤️ by K4ITOU_KID
❤️ Fireknight ❤️by KAIIIIIIIITO
Joke (please dont mind the shitty cover i tried using the fuking ''make your own cover'' thing)
Agoob rises  by APile0fB0nes
Agoob rises by APile0fB0nes
I'm so sorry to anyone who reads this
fandom trash by MysticMeowzzz
fandom trashby Nelovis
boo. includes incorrect dbh quotes, dbh memes and dbh pics with edgy moodboards. also includes persona 5 memes, akechi akechi akechi akechi akechi- sorry I trailed off a...
shitpost twikipedia x reader fanfic i made in google docs 0_0 by BONErr69
shitpost twikipedia x reader BONErr69 0_0
this was supposed to mock hyperpop artist x reader fics since making fanfics of a real person is weird as fuck and i'm laughing at anyone who does it /hj twikipedia/delt...