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Lestrange, Lupin and Weasley (The next generation)  by NonieStar
Lestrange, Lupin and Weasley (The...by NonieStar
Being a teenage death eater isn't easy. Especially when your Mom was one of the most dangerous, most ruthless death eaters of all time. Everybody expects you to be exact...
  • bellatrixlestrange
  • nextgeneration
  • mollyweasley
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They shouldn't by thoseships
They shouldn'tby booklover
A HP-fan fiction about the second generation with some events with the first generation..
  • tedlupin
  • romione
  • harrypotter
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i n m a r c e s i b l e (adjetivo): que no puede marchitarse. El 10 de mayo de 2097 muere Ted Lupin. Victoire Weasley, destrozada, encuentra una caja con una larga carta...
  • tedlupin
  • tedtoire
  • victoireweasley
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Harry Potter and How the Cursed Child Should've Happened by positively4thstreet
Harry Potter and How the Cursed Ch...by positively4thstreet
Albus Potter's life at Hogwarts was pretty normal--well as normal as it can be when you're the Chosen One's son. However, mysteries at Hogwarts begin to unravel when a n...
  • victoireweasley
  • harrypotter
  • hugoweasley
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Amelia Granger and The Evil Uprising  by emmer38
Amelia Granger and The Evil Uprisi...by Emmer
When Hermione puts a memory charm on her parents, her parents have another daughter named Amelia. Amelia wants to become a witch like her older sister Hermione. She beco...
  • ron
  • victoire
  • weasley
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The Orphan [Teddy Lupin] by SkyFireForever
The Orphan [Teddy Lupin]by Dennis
Teddy Lupin was the beacon of hope in a devastating time. They were the proof that a future did exist out there, that better days were coming. Teddy was what everyone ne...
  • fanfic
  • edwardremuslupin
  • nextgeneration
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~The Story of  Bellatrix ~ by iamjennyfromtheblock
~The Story of Bellatrix ~by Aoife
~The Story of Bellatrix~
  • hogwarts
  • tedlupin
  • younglove
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La lueur du secret by Emma_poufsouffle
La lueur du secretby Emma_Lupin
-Si je te disais que je suis un monstre aurais tu peur ? Lise,Marie et Ted vont entamé leurs premières années à Poudlard. Cette année sera rythmée par des rencontres heu...
  • harrypotter
  • dragonneau
  • poudlard
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Espera [Teddy & Lily] by wasBetter
Espera [Teddy & Lily]by Murchiat0
Había una cosa que Teddy y Lily sabían, que se amaban uno a otro, sin embargo, después del tiempo y de una larga espera, Lily estaba dispuesta a continuar su camino, uni...
  • tely
  • teddyxlilyluna
  • tercerageneración
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