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IronWidow and Spiderson by crazyinfj
IronWidow and Spidersonby crazyinfj
When Tony and Natasha meet, fireworks spark between them. Soon, they have a little boy named Peter. Along with his mom and dad, he lives with the avengers and has some p...
Wrong Number!! by Ari978
Wrong Number!!by Aria J Marzi
Peter texts a wrong number, who turns out to be our favourite Mama Spider! Believe it or not, I don't own Marvel! Shocker, I know Also, any updates will be very irregula...
Who's This? by FuckeryMagic
Who's This?by Kei
After becoming severely injured on one of his nightly patrols, the city of Queen's vigilante - known as Spider-man - attempts to contact his 'guy in the chair'. However...
A Spider's Trouble by fictionnotfacts
A Spider's Troubleby fictionnotfacts
One night Peter got hurt after patrol. He tried to text Ned for help but what happens when it was in fact a fellow spider? The two continue to text and despite his crapp...
How'd you get this number? - Natasha Romanoff by iknowminimallatin
How'd you get this number? - Natas...by Nanny Plum
PSA: THIS SHIP IS PLATONIC Peter Parker - your friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man - manages to get hold of one of the Avengers' numbers by mistake. At first he doesn't ev...
Civil War: Rewritten by meganwrites5
Civil War: Rewrittenby Megan
After the events of Civil War, Tony and Natasha become mentors to Peter.
"You've Got the Wrong Number Kid."-MamaSpider  by SpiderWidowFam88
"You've Got the Wrong Number Kid."...by SpiderWidowFam88
Peter Parker accidentally sends a text to Natasha Romanoff one day instead of his best friend. He also happens to be on the run from CPS, so what will happen when she fi...
Wrong Number? by gay_chameleon
Wrong Number?by He/they
Natasha Romanoff gave up all hope on being a mother after the graduation ceremony in the redroom, until a young superhero in need of a parental figure accidentally texts...
Avengers one shots / Group Chats by Avengerxskemp
Avengers one shots / Group Chatsby justanobsessedfan
(!!UNDER EDITING!!) This is one shots and group chats of our favorite family having time together mostly ironwidow and spider son and of course there is something other...
Spiderson One Shots  by multishowsbands
Spiderson One Shots by multishowsbands
This is a collection of spider son one Shots will include... - iron dad -spideypool - spidermom - superfamily -fluff And more
Superfamily!(natasha, bruce and peter) Discontinued!  by igiveyouconsent
Superfamily!(natasha, bruce and pe...by Din Djarin
After Peter Parkers parents are murdered by time travelling HYDRA agents(confusing but will be explained later) Peter has no one besides his Aunt and Uncle to take him i...
Wrong Number, Spidey by EvonyCapello
Wrong Number, Spideyby Evony
Peter Parker accidentally texts the Tony Stark. No big deal, right? I do not own the cover. Characters belong to Marvel/Stan Lee/other people that are not me. You know t...
Peter Stark One Shots by jk_imDying_inside
Peter Stark One Shotsby I’m lovin life. Not.
Basically what the title says. Some are Peter Parker but Most are Peter Stark. Also may be Peter being other people's kid. Suggestions are always open so make sure you t...
A superfamily with a fieldtrip destination (Peter Parker/Spidey) ✔️ by Spideyiscute
A superfamily with a fieldtrip des...by R • she // they
{Completed!} Pietro didn't die. Civil War never happened! Peter Parker is having an amazing year so far, until the teacher from his science class announces a fieldtrip...
Mystery's Short Stories. by GryffinandHuffle1
Mystery's Short Stories.by Mystery, Nico, Anonymous.
Short Stories by Mystery. These can be found on my main account as well. My main account is @PJOMarvelfan . Happy reading. Caution: If you see this on Novel2U it is plag...
There for you by Sad_Snake_Hours
There for youby Kai
Spider son and his mom Peter and Natasha are like mother and son after she saved him from her own team. What happens when Peter makes friends with the son of the most f...
Multi Fandom One Shots by PJOMarvelfan
Multi Fandom One Shotsby 𝕸𝖞𝖘𝖙𝖊𝖗𝖞
Like the title says One Shots from different fandoms. Crossovers included. Fandoms include: Percy Jackson, Kane Chronicles, MCU, Merlin TV Series, Miraculous Ladybug. F...
Whoops! Wrong Way by Heart_of_a_Raven
Whoops! Wrong Wayby Heart_of_a_Raven
Peter has been living at Avengers Tower for 2 years, known to the workers and Avengers as Peter Parker-Stark-Rogers. When his teacher announces that they're going on a...
Spiderson Oneshots by FloofyTMCC
Spiderson Oneshotsby Moved to Ao3
Just one shots with Peter being a son to the Avengers, usually Tony or Nat. Some dysfunctional superfamily (whole avengers), and no ships w/ Peter in most. General fluff...
Peter Parker Field Trip | buckynat by spidyromanoff
Peter Parker Field Trip | buckynatby mental breakdown
This is just another one of those field trip stories set in an au where everyone survived endgame. Peter lives with the avengers in the tower and nat and bucky are his a...