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Wrong Number, Spidey by EvonyCapello
Wrong Number, Spideyby Evony
Peter Parker accidentally texts the Tony Stark. No big deal, right? I do not own the cover. Characters belong to Marvel/Stan Lee/other people that are not me. You know t...
Wrong Number? by gay_chameleon
Wrong Number?by He/they
Natasha Romanoff gave up all hope on being a mother after the graduation ceremony in the redroom, until a young superhero in need of a parental figure accidentally texts...
Protect The Kid For Me, Will Ya? by hushchild123
Protect The Kid For Me, Will Ya?by Idontfuckingknow
Natasha was confused. What did Tony mean when he said to protect the kid? He couldn't mean Morgan, he refused to ever call her kid for some reason. It just didn't make s...
Peter Parker and the Avengers by p5ych0k1ll3r
Peter Parker and the Avengersby p5ych0k1ll3r
This is a fanfiction about the lives of the Avengers when they're not "avenging". It's mostly about Peter Parker and Natasha Romanoff but I'm a strong supporte...
Wrong Number!! by Ari978
Wrong Number!!by Aria J Marzi
Peter texts a wrong number, who turns out to be our favourite Mama Spider! Believe it or not, I don't own Marvel! Shocker, I know Also, any updates will be very irregula...
My Hope: Black Widow//OC by Anonomys_Writter
My Hope: Black Widow//OCby Anonomys_Writter
Natasha has always wanted a child but when she was young thta chance was taken away from her. So when a new teenager stumbles into the avanger tower who went through som...
When you accidentally get adopted by an assassin (Whoops?) by thequeerestofrogs
When you accidentally get adopted...by thequeerestofrogs
Spidermom Wrong Number AU :D Aunt May is alive & the best, MJ is as sarcastic and awesome as she usually is, and Ned is a useless fanboy (but a great friend). Flash is a...
Civil War: Rewritten by meganwrites5
Civil War: Rewrittenby Megan
After the events of Civil War, Tony and Natasha become mentors to Peter.
Whoops! Wrong Way by Heart_of_a_Raven
Whoops! Wrong Wayby Heart_of_a_Raven
Peter has been living at Avengers Tower for 2 years, known to the workers and Avengers as Peter Parker-Stark-Rogers. When his teacher announces that they're going on a...
Spider-Man & Avengers Short Stories by TWISTER202014
Spider-Man & Avengers Short Storiesby TWISTER202014
Just our favorite spider and the Avengers as they live their lives, loving their little spider baby. Mostly Irondad and Spiderson, but some embarrassing field trips and...
There for you by Sad_Snake_Hours
There for youby Kai
Spider son and his mom Peter and Natasha are like mother and son after she saved him from her own team. What happens when Peter makes friends with the son of the most f...
(Spidermom) Wrong Numbers AU by Jaderess96
(Spidermom) Wrong Numbers AUby Jaderess96
You know the concept Peter text the wrong number that happens to be the Black widow Side note I been seeing this and I always wanted to do one myself.
marvel avengers spiderman oneshots by justasadchild
marvel avengers spiderman oneshotsby justasadchild
just a bunch of one shots about pranks and the avengers. warning really cringe. requests open
Family Reunions are Disturbing by galacticstorysleuth
Family Reunions are Disturbingby Galaxy
??????- frib Tony- Huh? ??????- IB Tony- What does that mean? ??????- Ugh we went over this. Injured Badly, IB. Tony- What the heck? How badly injured? ??????- Brant in...
Spiderman Oneshots by Anxious_Turtle_
Spiderman Oneshotsby Sam
Just what the title says. Some field trips, Spiderson, SpiderMom, stuff like that.
Avengers one shots / Group Chats by thestarkkid3000
Avengers one shots / Group Chatsby the stark kid
(!!UNDER EDITING!!) This is one shots and group chats of our favorite family having time together mostly ironwidow and spider son and of course there is something other...
Peter Parker Oneshots by ItsSatanBitch666
Peter Parker Oneshotsby Satan
Hey. This is my first story. Umm, I don't really know how fast I'll be updating, but with school and stuff I'll try to make it once a week or something like that. Onesh...
Spidermom  by se75ord
Spidermom by Izzy
Peter Parker has 2 huge secrets: 1) He is spider-man 2) His mom is black widow Peter Parker is not his real name, Pyotr Romanoff has only told his best friends Ned and M...
clintasha oneshots by marvelfan0421
clintasha oneshotsby Lizzie Saltzman
this is the first book i have ever written so it might not be that good. random clintasha oneshots including -agents of shield -avengers -spidermom -red room
Five dads by MissSagittarius123
Five dadsby Your Bi Ace Fangirl
Avengers oneshots and parental sides of the avengers(Will accept requests)