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Fidelity, Bravery, Integrity by SunsetBookStore
Fidelity, Bravery, Integrityby SunsetBookStore
When the BAU needs help on a case from another unit history and secrets will be revealed. How does the BAU handle the FBI's best kept secret?
Working for the BAU by just_me_4321
Working for the BAUby just_me_4321
Susan Reid was kept a secret for a long time. Her older brother who practically raised her made sure of it to keep her safe. When she however finished her schoolwork and...
Broken Ice by AHS_Ashley
Broken Iceby AHS_Ashley
The BAU is working on a case in the cold winters of Alaska. While investigating, the ice beneath Reid's feet begins to break. Read to find out what happens next! (i am s...
Love, Spencer▪︎Spencer Reid X Reader▪︎ by ihearDilfs
Love, Spencer▪︎Spencer Reid X Read...by A.L Bliss 🦞
●!DISCONTINUED!● ■Spencer Reid x Blind!Reader!■ Y/n, a blind woman, has been getting letters from a man who calls himself Eros for over a year, having never been able to...
Profile It by Nylahjc
Profile Itby Nylahjc
"What's a Stiles and how do I profile It?" Spencer is on a mission, probe Stiles innocent. It seems that every murder the pack has gone through have been blame...
An Unexpected Love by Beatingheartsiren
An Unexpected Loveby Beatingheartsiren
Dr. Spencer Reid is an intelligent young man that works in the BAU. Cathy Daniels on the other hand is an undercover FBI agent recently transferred to the BAU. Cathy had...
Spencer Reid's younger sister by ncis_4ever
Spencer Reid's younger sisterby ncis_4ever
What no one knows about the youngest and most intelligent profiler within the BAU is that he has a 20 year old sister. Said sister was raised by Spencer since their moth...
When Life Turns Around by KikoH2010
When Life Turns Aroundby Kiko Herni
Esmi just turned 19, and moved from her home to begin her new life. After the tragic death of her parents she felt like she needed a change. Leaving everyone she held de...
"Lets have a drink?" by WhereTheDreamsBegan
"Lets have a drink?"by WhereTheDreamsBegan
Spencer Ried and Shemar Moore struggle to hide their love life from the gang. They also have to find a mysterious figure in Quantico.
A Long Way To Go《Dr. Spencer Reid Fan Fiction》 by Shan-TheWoman
A Long Way To Go《Dr. Spencer Reid...by Shan TheWoman
[Editing] Mira faces the loss of her father and refuses to elaborate on it. Especially since she has an eidetic memory and remembers it down to a pee. But will a certai...
Criminal Mind One Shots by xsammireidsx
Criminal Mind One Shotsby Sammi
One shots of your favorite criminal mind characters! I do take request, but keep in mind that my writing is a work in progress. Feel free to leave constructive criticis...
my saving grace  by loubbie8
my saving grace by emilyprentiss’wife
Fem reader begins working at the BAU and quickly discovers her ex girlfriend works there will they fall back in love or will she discover a new love interest? Most cases...
Never too Late by Reidingkeepsussane
Never too Lateby Reiding keeps us sane
when doctor Spencer Reid joins the BAU everyone thinks they know him. but like do they know what goes on in his mind that is until he meets her... the only person to und...
Bitch boy {Spencer Reid x reader} by dr_reidsbabymomma
Bitch boy {Spencer Reid x reader}by Dr. J Reid
Y/n and Reid met on a case. He didn't make a great first impression. In fact, he made a horrible one.
TIMES NEW ROMAN!     spencer reid by S-STARGAZIN
TIMES NEW ROMAN! spencer reidby ☆彡𝔠𝔞𝔩𝔩𝔦𝔢
❝times new roman is a timeless font! god, i cannot believe you.❞ ❝arial is just as good, if not better!❞ [season two/three] [sr x male oc]
Damaged Hearts Can Always Be Fixed by Lcraig1424
Damaged Hearts Can Always Be Fixedby Lcraig1424
Loss is a word that Nora Gray Stokely knew well, it was a word that had littered Nora's life since she was a kid. She could have been anything she wanted to be, on any g...
more crime and less punishment [spencer reid] by lokisrightatrium
more crime and less punishment [sp...by mae (she/her)
a story in which a lonely girl falls in love with a lonely boy. ❝so you think that just because i specially order books for him, i love him? you're right. ❝ [spencer rei...
A Long Way To Go {Dr. Spencer Reid Fan Fiction} Book Two by Shan-TheWoman
A Long Way To Go {Dr. Spencer Reid...by Shan TheWoman
Mira And Spencer enter the next phase in their life; kids. But what challenges will come before them this time?