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Frozen {Carlos de Vil} [ON HOLD] by xo_Writingxo
Frozen {Carlos de Vil} [ON HOLD]by xo_Writingxo
"Are you crazy? He's a villain!" "He has done nothing wrong! Please, give him a chance." "He is just like his mother!" "You don't even...
Prince of the Underworld by stayleyhasmyheart
Prince of the Underworldby Rebel
I am Haden Deimos, Son of Hades. I'm the Prince of the Underworld. I'm a VK. The kid of a villain...obviously. I used to be the most feared kid on the Isle. Having Hades...
THE HERO'S JOURNEY by stayleyhasmyheart
"Now, this is a story all about how My life got flipped-turned upside down" In this case...yeah. So...Most people only know my story from what I've told them...