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(MTB) Meant To Be (A Nigerian Story)  by theauthorlola
(MTB) Meant To Be (A Nigerian Olufunlola Adeola
When the man you end up falling in love with happens to be the man who raped you years ago and the father of your son as well as your benefactor, what will you do? Foll...
Through Light and Shadow (A Lewis Hamilton Fanfiction) by AgatheCa2112
Through Light and Shadow (A AgatheCa2112
Nora never thought she'd came back in the racing world. And she never thought she'd have to save the sport. Because something big is happening and she's the only one who...
Vampire Seb by Raikkonen-7
Vampire Sebby Raikkonen-7
This is a series I wrote for AO3, and came to be after getting a prompt from VettelFerrari (please read her stories, they are amazing) Sebastian is a vampire, and has to...
Juliet ~ Cavetown // Robin ~ song break down story by koolkidkylie
Juliet ~ Cavetown // Robin ~ koolkidkylie
I'm breaking up the lyrics of cavetown's song Juliet.. and writing a story to them. I hope you enjoy.
Shadowhunters and Dark Hunters by norzara40
Shadowhunters and Dark Huntersby Tasha
Clary runs away from the institute to find out she is the destroyers granddaughter. Daughter of Acheron and sister of Katra and Simi. Demons look out.
Top 7 Cause of Clogged drain and its Prevention by fixitfast
Top 7 Cause of Clogged drain and fixitfast
Drainage and sewage system are a crucial part of a residential structure. Even small trouble can cause big damage. Despite regular cleaning the drain often gets blocked...
The rain by His_queen2228
The rainby Kumar_V
Drip drop down it falls, what is it why is it...the feeling of the pure sweet and light sense of pouring rain dripped down my face...i wonder if he too is feeling this,w...
SimSimi by Judy_Anabelle
SimSimiby Judy_Anabelle
Eu și discuțiile mele cu SimSimi. Nimic special.
Human After All by TheWriteDoc
Human After Allby Simi K Rao
Dear readers, I'm presenting you a story that I wrote a while ago, even before my first novel. It bears a special place in my heart as it helped me to discover the write...