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Aphrodite (NOT EDITED)by Navah🧸🎈
Being left in the hands of her father after her mother abandoned them , Aphrodite is a broken and damaged girl being abused and mistreated by her father and his peers...
Rejected 2: The Lost Legacy (boyxboy)✔ by MeandDiamond
Rejected 2: The Lost Legacy (boyxb...by Every time someone falls in l...
Book II Read Rejected 1 to understand this one. Twin brothers Marcus And Antonio find their mate in someone who is already married and has a child. And at another place...
True Founder [on hold] by googledoodle13
True Founder [on hold]by googledoodle13
"Damn child you can't do anything" "Worthless" "Why can't you be like you're brothers" No matter how hard I try I fail they have called me...
BROKEN by princess29_
Katherine a prostitute who's trying to help her family out, meets Anthony a drug dealer. What would happen when these two meet? Read & find out 🧐
Hunter by LovelyWriter123
Hunterby D.M. Emerald
When Aubrey meets the handsome Hunter Grey she can't help but want to know more about the mysterious stranger. As she learns more about him she learns all the people she...
Forced To Leave You **Watty Awards 2013** by WonderGirl123
Forced To Leave You **Watty Awards...by Gigi
Summary: After having a clash with management, Harry is forced to make a heartbreaking decision of his life: Break-Up with the one girl he loves Brianna, or watch her...
First and Last by _Kassie
First and Lastby Kassie
Losing her virginity to her brother's best friend will forever be Kallie Miller's biggest regret. That's why she's spent three years successfully avoiding him. Unfortun...
Down For You  by tataawrites
Down For You by Tatawrites
Tragic brings two people who thought they will never find love again A simple love story
Clace after all ✔️ by for_book_sake
Clace after all ✔️by for_book_sake
Do soulmates really exist? After everything Clary has been through she just wants to be normal so when she meets Jace Wayland her life changes. But is the change good? W...
Rejected by the Alpha  by Chiidorii
Rejected by the Alpha by Kakashi
"I, Alpha Liam Snow, reject you StellaNightly, as my mate." "I Stella Nightly, accept your rejection." On Stella's eighteenth birthday she smell...
Undress.  We need to talk (Otayuri AU) by IceTigerOfRussia
Undress. We need to talk (Otayuri...by IceTigerOfRussia
It's been about two years since Otabek and Yuri started their relationship. And although Otabek assured his lover when they started the relationship that he had no probl...
Let The Games Begin [boyxboy] by SkeneKidz
Let The Games Begin [boyxboy]by Jen
Jakey was living a normal life with his boyfriend Skylar and his best friend Seth. Then the new boy came.
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infidelity ― harry styles  by -SOFTDOLL
infidelity ― harry styles by ♱ ملاك ―
❝ I was a girl, who loved a sad, broken man until he corrupted and destroyed me. Why the hell couldn't you just see that? ❞ In which she goes back to him with an unexp...
The Seven Day Deal (BVB FF) by Kaisa-Chan
The Seven Day Deal (BVB FF)by Kaisa-Chan
“You give me one week to pull out all of the stops and get you to kiss me and mean it. If I get you to kiss with me before or by the time the week is up you seriously gi...
"Yuh" This my first book ..... don't drag me
My Unfortunate Fairytale with the Son of a Mafia Boss- ON HOLD!!!! by myheartscontent
My Unfortunate Fairytale with the...by Jackie
Salara Kregan has lived a normal boring life, nothing seems to change except for the day that a stunningly gorgeous british guy walks into the diner she works at. But s...
True Love ( Izuku x Nejire) by Bionicap1014
True Love ( Izuku x Nejire)by Bionic10
My name is Izuku Midoriya. I was born a quirk less until i finally found some named All-Might. He allowed me to have a chance at becoming a hero. And now i am currently...
When the daylight has faded by mellimack
When the daylight has fadedby mellimack
A collection of short stories for the Weekend-Write In Includes "Victoria and Valentine", winner of the Saint Valentine's 2021 contest Copyright © 2020 by mell...
Orion Gambit - Traci Ganner series book 2 by grandmobiusbrian
Orion Gambit - Traci Ganner series...by grandmobiusbrian
This is the second book in the Traci Ganner series. After her successful campaign as a starship captain (and spy), she had been assigned to Orion's newest cloaking batt...