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Let Me GO. #jaanedemujhe Contest by desirediaries
Let Me GO. #jaanedemujhe Contestby desirediaries
Some mistakes can never be rectified. Some mistakes change our whole life. (Story for the contest #jaanedemujhe #letmego)
Its The Baby by fan_tomboy
Its The Babyby Zenx
Its a short story on Sanam Puri if you don't Know him, he's the lead vocalist of Band SANAM and if you know him then abhi bhi yaha Kya kr rhe ho jaake story padho Meri...
Tum Mile - A Sanam Puri Fanfic by ScentedDiary
Tum Mile - A Sanam Puri Fanficby Arpita Aaru
"Death can not add full stop to some Love Stories. Some bonds are beyond the boundaries of birth & death." Meet 'Sanam Puri' the heartthrob and a popular singe...
Together Forever by summersnightingale
Together Foreverby Siddhi S
Basically this is the previous version of No Strings attached. The Instagram version. Prologue "I know I cant live without him but I have to for him only for him&q...
Well yes it's you! by alias030
Well yes it's you!by I Should be studying
I have no idea why I did this! Okay whatever, give it a try! It ain't edited, forgive my grammatical errors.....
BIN TERE (On Hold) by fan_tomboy
BIN TERE (On Hold)by Zenx
"I've realized my mistake....I still love her. I can do anything to bring her back in my life." He says as tears started to trickle down his eyes. "I do l...
Friendship Beyond Love. ❤️ - #JaaneDeMujhe by HeenaParnani
Friendship Beyond Love. ❤️ - HeenaParnani
A story of two best friends who loved each other unconditionally. Sometimes letting go of your best friend is more painful than letting go of a lover.
Rebirth : Once Again birth Of Love  by Ankitaborah3
Rebirth : Once Again birth Of Love by Ankitaborah
This is a love story and a girl who came out of her house to save her family's dignity back. Will she able take a rebirth for her mom, dad and her boyfriend's mystery mu...
Is This LOVE?! by Warisha_and_Syesha
Is This LOVE?!by Warisha_and_Syesha
It's a old saying "Don't judge a Book by it's Cover." And so it is also said, "First Impression is the last Impression." This was how it all started...
Incomplete Without You #JaaneDeMujhe by Srishti2030
Incomplete Without You Srishti Bhowmik
Sometimes we are late to realize our true love, and when we realize, God plans something so cruel in the fate, that even unwillingly you need to let go of your loved one...
Reborn #jaanedemujhe  by PariShines
Reborn #jaanedemujhe by Pari Shines
Hello friends this is my entry for the Jaanedemujhe contest.Hope you guys like it.
Moment: An Unknown Story #JaaneDeMujhe by Warisha_Ahmed
Moment: An Unknown Story Warisha Ahmed
#JaaneDeMujhe Writing Contest #Vyrloriginal Everyone must have had their 'Jaane De Mujhe' moment once in their life, when they needed to let go of someone very dear to t...
JAANE DE MUJHE #jaanedemujhe by fan_tomboy
JAANE DE MUJHE #jaanedemujheby Zenx
#jaanedemujhe contest participation
#jaanedemujhe_WritingContest Let me go! by SonalSood
#jaanedemujhe_WritingContest Let Sonal Sood
It's hard to accept the death of our loved ones. The person that is no more with us. But can there be a substitute? If there is, then is it okay to ruin their life becau...
𝔼𝕂 𝕃𝔸𝔻𝕂𝕀 𝕂𝕆 𝔻𝔼𝕂ℍ𝔸 𝕋𝕆ℍℍ  by _thefreebirdie
What happens when a certain Miss refuses to leave a certain Mr's mind and thoughts?? Do sparks fly at the very first meet or will there be 'I-hate-her & I-hate-him' or '...
Sky is calling me #JaaneDeMujhe  by S_Mansi
Sky is calling me #JaaneDeMujhe by S_Mansi
Entry for the contest #JaaneDeMujhe Here i just want to say that birds are the most beautiful creatures which are born to fly, not to be a prisoner of cage..
Let Me Go - #JaaneDeMujhe by syedsyesha
Let Me Go - #JaaneDeMujheby Syed Syesha
My poetry entry for the contest #JaaneDeMujhe
With Love.. by Warisha_Ahmed
With Warisha Ahmed
"I didn't give you the gift of life, Life gave me the gift of you." Who doesn't like receiving gifts? One just cannot get enough of it right? Be it a normal p...
Let Me Go #JaaneDeMujhe  by S_Mansi
Let Me Go #JaaneDeMujhe by S_Mansi
It's all about Love, word that is incomplete or complete in itself, nobody knows🙂